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Read about our candidates’ FAST OFFER International journey and get a better idea how they succeeded in finding a job in Japan!

A student majored in mechatronics and has independently developed a simulated constraint glove for final year project (FYP). The design incorporates the integration of software and a VR headset to synchronize with the gaming world, while also being compatible with robots. Additionnally, he has a strong interest in software-based research and development and is proficient in programming.

She graduated from Thanlin University of Myanmar with a degree in Civil Engineering. She is a global talent who can speak English, Japanese, and Korean, in addition to her native language, Myanmar. In her graduation research, she conducted a study on the impact of traffic signal design on traffic congestion. She is bright and has good communication skills.

A diligent student with a calm demeanor, majoring in science and engineering with a focus on robotics at Ritsumeikan University. Developed an underwater snake-like robot for performing underwater tasks without force torque sensor for his Final Year Project. Fluent in Japanese and has internship experience in Japan.

He is a graduate with an electrical engineering background. His Japanese is at business level; specialises in programming and circuit design in python and MATLAB. He had worked in a Japanese company in India with Japanese people and is impressed by the Japanese way of working.

She studied civil engineering at Thanlyin Technological University. For her graduation research, she worked on improving the local water supply system, was in charge of drawing up the layout of water pipes, and completed the design of a water supply system of upper cast iron pipes that would take into account the durability of distribution pipes and reservoirs. She had a Internship experience in construction project progress management, with good problem-solving and communication skills. Currently she is working part-time as an English teacher and continuing to study Japanese on a daily basis.

Civil engineering major from Myanmar, his FYP was themed on planning and scheduling the construction of a five-story reinforced concrete building to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the project. As an intern, he also worked as a site engineer for two years, managing plants and constructing reinforced concrete bridges and night market construction. He is also an avid learner of Japanese and aims to obtain N2 by the end of 2023.

She majored in Information Science at the University of Brawijaya, Indonesia. She speaks very fluent Japanese, having lived in Kochi City, and has JLPT N1. She has expertise in front-end development and machine learning and is a certified TensorFlow Developer and a machine learning instructor at Bangkit Academy, a collaborative project with Google Inc.

Studying electrical engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia. An all-rounder student who, in addition to her specialist knowledge, has studied and gained practical experience in artificial intelligence, robotics and software development, and tries to have a wide range of fields in which she can work. She is particularly interested in software development and is working on a project for biometric person recognition using deep learning in her graduation research.

He is a double El Salvadoran/Japanese, raised in El Salvador and living in Lithuania, Spanish and English speaking mechatronics major. In his FYP, he built a system to control microscopes using LabVIEW. He also designed a gripper and created a 3D model. Interested in robotics and automation.

Studying Electronics Engineering at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, he has extensive design experience, having built a prototype of a Kaplan water wheel for his graduation project and worked on PCB design for a robotics team. He is currently working for an Indonesian manufacturing company, where he is in charge of managing PCB assembly projects. He is a calm and cheerful person who always maintains a soft atmosphere and is eager to study Japanese in order to find a job in Japan.

He holds N1 in Japanese. Majored in electronic systems engineering, he was involved in artificial intelligence and software development in the laboratory. Experienced with Japanese companies, he developed software for about 9 months while also interpreting Japanese and reading and writing fluently. For his Final Year Project, he developed an inventory management system and developed a system that allows inventory management to be grasped on a 2D map. He is interested in artificial intelligence and software development.

He is a graduate of Visvesvaraya Technological University in India, who majored in Aeronautical Engineering. He had an internship at Tata Sikorsky Aerospace (TSAL) where he was assigned to the manufacturing engineering department for airplane parts and engines, where he inspected the quality of parts and documented the manufacturing process. His graduation project was "Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Wind Turbines for Electric Vehicle Charging Centers," which aimed to supply charging infrastructure to keep up with the spread of electric vehicles. He experienced a series of processes from design to testing. He empathizes with the Japanese working culture, which values teamwork, and hopes to find employment in Japan.

She is a female civil engineering graduate from West Yangon Technological University, Myanmar. She has 3 months of work experience as an estimation engineer in a local architectural firm and 1-year experience as a junior designer. For her graduation research, she designed and calculated a 3-story reinforced concrete building on her own. She was impressed by the rigorous on-site management of Japanese companies during her visit to Japan and would like to work as a construction engineer in Japan.

After graduating from Jilin University, he entered the postgraduate school of Kyoto University as a master's student, specializing in economics. Studied Japanese during his undergraduate studies and has a high level of Japanese, having obtained JLPT N1. Multilingual, speaking Chinese, English, and Japanese, with potential for global activities. In his bachelor's graduation research, he studied population aging and social security in Japan and China.

He studied civil engineering at the Yangon Technological University. His graduation project was to relocate bus stops around a park to alleviate traffic congestion. After graduation, he worked for the local subsidiaries of two Japanese companies and has practical experience in station design and construction management. He is enthusiastic about studying Japanese.

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