Successful Candidates from India

Read about our candidates’ FAST OFFER International journey and get a better idea how they succeeded in finding a job in Japan!

He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. In his Final Year Project in college, he was working on the development of an automobile, utilizing control and automation. He has internship experience in an automotive company. He is fascinated by Japan's advanced technology and continues to study hard in Japanese in order to fulfill his dream of working in Japan.

A diligent student with a calm demeanor, majoring in science and engineering with a focus on robotics at Ritsumeikan University. Developed an underwater snake-like robot for performing underwater tasks without force torque sensor for his Final Year Project. Fluent in Japanese and has internship experience in Japan.

He is a graduate with an electrical engineering background. His Japanese is at business level; specialises in programming and circuit design in python and MATLAB. He had worked in a Japanese company in India with Japanese people and is impressed by the Japanese way of working.

Majoring in computer science, fluent in kotlin, java script and python, with experience in developing restaurant and university apps. She has studied abroad at a Japanese university with which she is affiliated, although she is now online due to Corona. She has many Japanese friends and understands Japanese culture. A bright student with an honest smile.

Mechanical engineering major from India. Interested in the automotive industry, he studied obstacle detection systems using LiDAR for his graduation research, designing and simulating the mechanism. As an intern, he was involved in quality assurance at an electric motorcycle factory. He is more interested than others in learning about Japanese technology, and continues to study Japanese language and design software on a daily basis in order to come to Japan.

He is a graduate of Visvesvaraya Technological University in India, who majored in Aeronautical Engineering. He had an internship at Tata Sikorsky Aerospace (TSAL) where he was assigned to the manufacturing engineering department for airplane parts and engines, where he inspected the quality of parts and documented the manufacturing process. His graduation project was "Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Wind Turbines for Electric Vehicle Charging Centers," which aimed to supply charging infrastructure to keep up with the spread of electric vehicles. He experienced a series of processes from design to testing. He empathizes with the Japanese working culture, which values teamwork, and hopes to find employment in Japan.

Fluent Japanese-speaking IT science student from India. She excels at programming in Python and is working on a sign language detection program utilizing image recognition and machine learning for her thesis research. Calm and passionate, she plans to build a career in data science, programming, and various other IT technologies.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Participated in a project sponsored by the Defense Research and Development Agency to design a hydraulic rotary actuator; designed a ben pump using AutoCAD and SolidWorks and analyzed it using Ansys. He also participated in an internship where he created mechanical devices using AutoCAD and SolidWorks. He has a minor in IT and has knowledge of AI and ML.

A science student studying computer science in India. Her Final Year Project uses the C language to create a distance measuring device called a reverse gear that is attached to a car to measure the distance to the car behind. She is also fluent in Japanese.

Joining a Japanese company that provides financial web services to individuals and corporations. Aiming to become a software engineer, he studied computer science at Chandigarh University in India. Participated in CODE to JAPAN 2020 and high scorer in the test at the joining company.

Computer Science student from Pune University. In her graduation research, she developed an IoT-based agent-based parking system using Android apps and sensors to improve the car parking environment. Internship gave her the experience in cyber security related work and she is actively acquiring IT skills with certification in SAP-ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.50

She is a Computer Science major from Pune University, India, working on an app for early detection of women suffering from PCOS disease and using Python for machine learning. She is also able to use C++ and MySQL. She has internship experience at a software company and is a bright student with a strong desire to learn and admire Japan's advanced IT technology.

She has graduated from the University of Pune, India, with a degree in Computer Science. For her graduation project, she worked on developing a wildfire detection system using machine learning. Her skills include MySQL, Java, Python, and C++.

She is an IT student from India. She studied software and application development in college and is proficient in Python and C++. For her graduation project, she is working in a team to create an online community web app and is in charge of the back-end role. She is willing to actively acquire knowledge, including an internship at a company that develops AR services.

A female student who majored in mechanical engineering and completed a bachelor's degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University. Currently working as a design engineer in India. The research theme at the university is roof tile manufacturing using waste plastic and waste paper. The level of conversation in Japanese is high, and the interview can be completed in Japanese.

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