From India to Japan: The Journey of a Computer Science Graduate to an AI and Cloud Engineer


Our hero’s narrative is an inspiring tale of dedication and cultural immersion, starting with a profound admiration for Japanese technology and discipline that led them to pursue a career in Japan. After obtaining a Computer Science degree from Visvesvaraya Technological University, he chose to work at a Japanese company based in India to delve deeper into the country’s language and customs, guided by the principle of “ikigai.” When the opportunity to work in Japan came through FAST OFFER International, he quickly signed up. Despite having failed interviews from different companies because of his then lacking Japanese language skills, he remained undeterred and instead found ways to improve his weakness. Leveraging resources like the Hello Talk app for language practice and benefiting from FAST OFFER’s relentless support and mock interviews, he finally secured a job as an AI and cloud engineer. This journey underscores the transformative power of perseverance and the instrumental role of supportive networks in achieving one’s dreams.

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Japanese Technology and their Ikigai Inspired Me to Dream of Working in Japan  

My dream bike is a Japanese brand–which says a lot. I’m always fascinated with “perfect machines” and this bike hit the mark. Japan is home to some of the most innovative technologies, and it’s a big reason why I’m drawn to it.  

Another thing that Japan has me in awe of is their culture. Even my grandfather constantly praises how the Japanese people have this culture of discipline. I further got to know their culture through a company I worked at after my Computer Science degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University. I had two job offers then and chose a Japanese company specifically because I wanted to learn the language and culture.  

True enough, they hired Japanese teachers who helped train me. They also described to me how Japanese people behave, and their “life purpose” is best described by the concept of “ikigai”. I had a firsthand experience of seeing how Japanese workers were disciplined, motivated, and produced precise, and perfect work. I wanted to embody this in my life as well, and this became the reason I wanted to work in Japan.  


Overcoming Hurdles: My Path to Landing a Dream Job in Japan 

I met FAST OFFER International through a teacher from my former company. My former company was planning to place us in Japan; however, the project was canceled. This is when my teacher told me about FAST OFFER International. Many of my friends from there applied with FAST OFFER International and they got placed too.   

After applying to FAST OFFER, I got two offers. I cleared the technical interview, but I failed the HR interview. This demotivated me, but thankfully, I got the chance to go to Japan for an offline interview which boosted my hopes. However, all of the three companies rejected me because my Japanese wasn’t up to par.  

My Japanese ability was the biggest challenge I faced. I started to work hard on my Japanese. I downloaded an app called Hello Talk that lets me talk with Japanese people to practice conversations. This app was introduced to me by my friend, whom I met in Tokyo when I joined this offline interview event.   

For the next opportunity, I cleared the first round, but could not pass the test. On the next chance, I was able to clear the first round again. I was scared for the second interview because I had never passed it before. I couldn’t get enough sleep. I imagined the questions that the interviewer would ask me and practiced Japanese answers with myself. During the interview, my hands were shaking, but I was complimented by the interviewer that my Japanese was good. The interview ended on a positive note, so I could not wait for the results. I was so happy when the staff called me that I got the job offer. This was the best thing ever that had happened in my life, and applying to FAST OFFER Internation was the best decision I have ever made in my life. FAST OFFER International played a big role in making my dream come true.  


FAST OFFER International: A Beacon of Hope and Guidance 

The thing I like about FAST OFFER is that they never gave up on me. Even though I failed many times, and doubted myself, they kept on pushing me to interviews and kept trusting me. That was the biggest motivation for me. They helped me in the interview process as well, holding mock interviews for me and giving me notes on how to improve my Japanese. Also, I made many great friends with similar goals through the offline interview event. The community that FAST OFFER has made helped me a lot.     


My AI and Cloud Engineering Career in Japan Is Only the Beginning 

I got a role in the company as an AI and cloud engineer, and I am so excited to work at a huge company in the role that I love. I will highly recommend FAST OFFER to people who are looking for jobs in Japan. I even advertise it to the people who are learning Japanese in the app I use. In times I wanted to give up, I didn’t because FAST OFFER didn’t give up on me. So, to everyone on a journey like mine: just keep trying! All your efforts will someday bear fruit. Even after getting the offer, don’t stop moving and keep on learning! 

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