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A young Indian IT professional who started attending kindergarten at the age of 2. He has a very quick wit and a high learning speed, so he is able to handle not only Japanese but also Korean and French. For his graduation project, he worked in a team to create a social media platform for university students, utilizing server technologies such as Firebase and client technologies like Flutter and Provider, in order to develop an application that is compatible with various platforms such as iOS, Android, and web pages.

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Maharishi Dayanand University
Computer Science
A Japanese company that manufactures and sells measuring instruments and POS systems.

Introduction: A Glimpse into Japan 

Japan, a technological marvel, has captivated me since childhood. The dream of acquiring skills and knowledge in such an innovative environment fueled my desire to work there. My first real encounter with Japan occurred in India while working for a Japanese company. The prevalence of Japanese companies in Gurgaon, near Delhi, allowed me to interact with Japanese staff, fostering friendships and providing me with a taste of Japanese culture. 


Learning Japanese Amidst a Global Pandemic 

I originally planned to study in Japan in 2020, but the pandemic disrupted my plans. Undeterred, I decided to utilize my free time during the lockdown to self-learn Japanese. My father’s encouragement, citing the language’s potential impact on my future career, sparked the idea of seeking employment in Japan. With newfound determination, I pursued Japanese language proficiency, culminating in passing the N2 exam in 2023. My multilingual journey, encompassing Hindi, English, Japanese, and French, reflects my childhood dream of embracing diverse languages. 


FAST OFFER Iternational: A Guiding Hand Toward Japan 

Introduced to FAST OFFER by seniors who successfully navigated the program, I registered during my final year of college. Initially skeptical about job hunting in Japan from India, FAST OFFER International provided clarity and a structured approach. Mentor sessions offered personalized guidance, enhancing my Japanese communication skills and business etiquette. 


Facing Failures: A Steppingstone to Success 

The journey wasn’t without challenges. My first interview with a Japanese company was nerve-wracking, leading to an unsuccessful final round. Undeterred, I secured an interview with another company through ASIA to JAPAN. Mentor sessions became invaluable, guiding me through preparations and building confidence. The flood in my hometown during interview preparations added an unexpected layer of difficulty, but with restored internet speed, I persevered. 


Job Offer Amidst Challenges: A Testament to Resilience 

Despite challenges during the second interview, I unexpectedly received a job offer, bringing tears of joy. This achievement signifies that “challenges are inevitable, but growth is a choice.” Sharing the news with my parents added another layer of happiness. 


Focus on Personal Growth: A Blueprint for the Future 

Reflecting on my journey, FAST OFFER International has been instrumental in my growth. It emphasizes that challenges are steppingstones to personal development. As I prepare to start my job, improving coding skills and mastering Japanese is my immediate goal. Becoming a proficient engineer and relishing Japanese culture are aspirations for my future. 


Message to Aspiring Students: The Path to Growth 

To fellow students, I encourage you to pursue your dreams despite setbacks. Difficulties in job hunting or adapting to a new culture are inevitable, but they pave the way for personal growth. Embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and expand your perspectives. FAST OFFER is a valuable resource; take it step by step, and success will follow. Best wishes for your future endeavors! 

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