Light aircraft manufacturer

My major is aviation engineering, but I am also interested in mechanical engineering classes. He is an intern and has experience in designing mechanical lines at SOLIDWORKS. His research is on the mechanical behavior of metal lattices with different topologies under quasi-static compression by laminated modeling, under the guidance of professors and doctors. He is cheerful and energetic, and has a strong desire to complete conversations and descriptions in Japanese.


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


When I got a job in Japan, I participated in the Japanese language no class program of Nanyang Technological University provided by ASIA to JAPAN (AtoJ). After that, in the process of getting a job in Japan, creating a resume in Japanese, Skype interview with ASIA to JAPAN for desired occupation and industry, self-appeal, how to create a PR video, Japanese style interview correspondence Support will be provided. In the mock interview with ASIA to JAPAN mentor, I was able to prepare for the day of the interview by not only preparing for the day but also taking measures for questions related to software technology.

The initial interview to get a job offer from a leading Japanese venture company was so quick that I was able to calmly work on my final year project and exams. Skype interviews are often more difficult than face-to-face interviews, so it took several days to prepare, but in the actual interview, I was able to calm down and respond to the interview in a coherent manner. The interview was conducted in English, so it was easy to convey my opinions and thoughts.

When I got the offer, I had anxiety and many questions about working in another country. By answering many questions through all the processes, I was able to resolve my anxiety and doubts. Working with Japanese people and many foreign employees at a cutting-edge venture company in Japan led to learning not only programming skills but also communication skills and working styles.

I have already joined the company and worked in Japan, but my experience so far has been extraordinary (irregular) to say the least. It’s been a month and a half since I moved from Singapore to Japan. During that time, the coronavirus was prevalent and due to an abnormal situation, all processes had to be carried out promptly after coming to Japan. Three days after arriving in Japan, I started working, and in the midst of a lot of confusion, I also went through the procedures for finding a place to live and the government office for living.


Mechanical behaviour of unconstrained metal lattices with varying topologies by additive manufacturing under quasi-static compression(積層造形による異なるトポロジーの金属格子を準静的圧縮下での機械的挙動)
この研究は担任の先生とPhDの先輩のテーマの一部をFinal Year Projectとして1人で2019.1~2019.12まで行います。

① 目的:
A.金属格子構造のユニットセルトポロジとユニットセルの直径対長さ比(diameter to length ratio)を変更したので、機械的性質への影響は何ですか。
B.ソフトを「ABAQUS/ Standard」使えた、Finite Element Analysisのシミュレーション行った金属構造と実際にプリントした金属構造の機械的性質を比べます。
C.「ABAQUS/ Standard」と「ABAQUS/ Explicit」にFinite Element Analysisのシミュレーションを行ったので、結果が何処で違うか。

② 実施内容
 i.有限要素解析(Finite Element Analysis)や付加製造技術(レーザー溶融法, Selective Laser Melting)や金属格子構造のユニットセルトポロジなどについての学術雑誌を読みました。


 i.Computer -Aided Engineering (CAE)のソフトの「ABAQUS/ Standard」を自分で習いました.SIMULIAのガイドとチュートリアルが使えた。
 ii.そして、「ABAQUS/ Standard」でBCCとFCCのユニットセルトポロジで出来ていた構造のモデル(Beam Element Model)を作りました.
 iii.次、各ユニットセルの直径対長さ比(diameter to length ratio)が変更したモデル(Beam Element Model)も作りました.

 i.BCCとFCCのユニットセルトポロジで出来ていた構造の機械的性質は「ABAQUS/ Standard」が使え、Finite Element Analysisを行いました.構造が圧縮のシミュレーションをしました.

 i.力―位置のグラフ(force-displacement curve)や圧縮のアニメーションなど の作成 。
 ii.構造の相当塑性ひずみ(equivalent plastic strain)や応力三軸度(stress triaxiality)など の測定


 i.シミュレーションと実際にプリントした機械的性質の結果を比べます.力―位置のグラフ(force-displacement curve)や応力-ひずみ曲線(stress-strain curve)などを比べます.

③ いままで行ってきての感想


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A Vietnamese student studying international business administration at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University called “The United Nations of Youth”. At university, she worked as a TA in a multicultural coexistence class that is essential for first graders and experienced the creation and management of a curriculum for 30 multinational classes in both Japanese and English with a Japanese pair TA. Engaged in global human resource development. She’d like to make use of the management and business knowledge has learned in multicultural classes and the communication skills, flexibility, and leadership that transcend nationality, language, and culture that she gained from my TA experience, and do interpersonal work such as overseas sales. Entered a university based on English standards and obtained JLPT-N1 in 2020, and Japanese, English, and Vietnamese are native level.


A student of Computer Science at the University of Indonesia. Learn Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Services. A student who is also studying Data Structure and Algorithms and is training to think analytically. He’s also interested in AI, so if he has the expected potential, I would recommend him to be hired. He is currently studying Japanese and it is expected that he will reach a level where he can communicate, by the time he joins the company. A calm-natured person.


An IT major student from India who is serious and ambitious. The Final Year Project is working as a team to develop a hearing aid that can remove background noise and amplify only human voice and important sounds using machine learning technology, mainly on the software side such as data processing. She loves coding and is good at application development and web development. As an engineer, she wants to grow while learning new things.


A student of COEP’s Department of Materials Engineering and Minor of Information Engineering, which is the top college of Pune University. In his graduation research, he plans to study materials for electromagnetic shields. In the three-year project, he conducted research on corrosion control of machines and airplanes used in the aerospace industry. During the internship, as a material engineer, he experienced testing materials used for motorcycles and working as a mathematical model of magnesium for automobiles. In addition, he is also interested in finance and programming and has various knowledge. He’s one who can communicate calmly.