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A former graduate specializing in mechanical engineering. During his time at university, he was involved in a projects focusing on the suspension system of an off-road buggy and conducted CFD research on the molecularization process of biodiesel fuel within an engine. He is a person who is humble and always has a smile on his face. After graduating, he gained work experience for a Japanese company.

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Visvesvaraya Technological University
one of the few independent automotive seat manufacturers in Japan.

My Uncle from TOYOTA inspired my childhood dreams of working in Japan 

When I was just a small kid, an uncle I looked up to went to Japan for a business trip. When he came home to India, bubbling with excitement, he told me about Japan and TOYOTA, the company he worked for. Wanting to follow in his footsteps, I began to long for Japan. I even began to notice favorite electronic products were from Japan. Now that I’m older, I’ve stayed a fan of Japanese electronics: from my TOSHIBA computer to my Suzuki car. By the time I finished my studies, I was determined to work in Japan.  


My career plans were delayed by the pandemic but I kept my dream close to my heart 

Sadly, I graduated during the onslaught of the pandemic which enforced heavy travel restrictions. With the looming uncertainty, I found work in India, but still hopeful about my dream, went for a Japanese company. Even though I wasn’t able to fly to Japan, it would still give me the chance to learn about Japanese values and work culture.  

Meeting my expectations, the Japanese company I worked for was a cut above the rest. They were better managed and exemplified values that could only be found in a Japanese manufacturer. Working at that company opened opportunities to visit Japan for short amounts of time, but in my heart, I was still looking for an opportunity to live and work in Japan for a long time. 


I was desperate to work in Japan and was cheated by an agency 

Working in Japan has always been my dream, so even while I was working in India, I sought the assistance of a Japanese employment agency to explore job opportunities there. I paid 200,000 rupees to an agent who said they would send me to Japan. Initially, they gave the coronavirus excuse in the beginning, and that Japanese companies are not taking anyone in. Now, at the tail-end of the pandemic, travel restrictions lifted, and businesses rebounding, this agency ghosted me. The money I gave to them for an undelivered service was lost. 


ASIA To JAPAN’s free FAST OFFER International program Revived My Dream of working in Japan 

I was about to give up on my dream. Luckily, one of my friends who already secured a job in Japan told me about what helped him succeed: ASIA to JAPAN’s FAST OFFER International. I was genuinely surprised when I learned that no fees were involved in using FAST OFFER International. I had to sign up. There was hope for my dream again. 

About a month after I signed up with FAST OFFER International, I received an invitation for an online interview. I felt a bit nervous since it was my first time having an online interview with a Japanese company from India. Fortunately, the team at ASIA to JAPAN provided valuable support that helped me build my skills and confidence. During the mentoring session, I received a lot of advice that helped me prepare well for the interview. My mentor, in particular, offered detailed guidance on effectively presenting my university project and showcasing my strengths. I am truly grateful for their assistance.  

Although I had received a lot of guidance, I found it quite challenging to conduct the interview in Japanese at that time. Unfortunately, I mismanaged my time for preparation which resulted in an unsuccessful outcome. I felt deeply disheartened when I heard the news. At that time, I contacted a friend who was currently working in Japan. He reassured, “Don’t worry”. He encouraged me to regain confidence and give my best in the upcoming interviews. Looking back now, that failure was a valuable learning experience for my future interviews.  


Experience Japan firsthand through the FAST OFFER International face-to-face interviews   

I was overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t believe my eyes when I received an email from the ASIA to JAPAN staff in early June 2023, stating, “You have been given an opportunity to come to Japan for free.” Although it seemed difficult for me to take a week off from my job in India, I made up my mind to go to Japan with unwavering determination to give it my all.  

It was my first trip to Japan, something I’ve been waiting for almost all my life since I was a child inspired by my uncle’s stories. Moreso, this trip wasn’t just for sightseeing, but would also open opportunities as it was a chance to go for the face-to-face interviews arranged by FAST OFFER International.  

Tokyo was exactly as beautiful as I had imagined. The Japanese people impressed me with their adherence to rules, such as punctuality. During my week-long stay in Tokyo, my conviction to work in Japan grew even stronger.  

I was chosen by three companies, but as I learned more about them, I realized that one company was the best choice for me. Before the interview, I asked my friends who worked there about the company to learn more. My friends told me that this company had a good reputation, and the people working there were friendly and welcoming. They encouraged me to do my best to join. This gave me a lot of confidence for the interview. Learning my lesson, on the day of my interview, I wasn’t as nervous as before because I had done all my preparations thoroughly. I researched the industry and the company. I also practiced discussing my university project, explaining my motivation for the job, and asking thoughtful questions. Finally, after much hard work and grit, I received that sought-after job offer from that company!  


Looking forward to my future in Japan 

Knowing the importance of being well-prepared, I’ve enrolled in FAST OFFER International’s October Japanese classes. I am determined to improve my Japanese language skills so that in the future I can communicate within the company better. I’ve also started learning about the software used at the company, which will help me quickly adapt once I join.  

On top of my work aspirations, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Japan. When I get there, what I want to do the most is to go mountain climbing. Then, I’ll explore Japan’s many coastal areas and try marine sports such as surfing and diving. I will definitely want to try them all out! 

I want to emphasize how grateful I am to ASIA to JAPAN for everything they have done for me – from mentoring me for the interviews, flying me to Japan for the interviews, and assisting me throughout every process. The staff of ASIA to JAPAN’s continuous support and guidance was essential to my success. The journey was rocky, but ASIA to JAPAN kept me going.  


As my uncle inspired me, I hope to inspire others like me 

To students using FAST OFFER International to find a job in Japan, remember to never give up on your goals, no matter how tough it gets. Embrace failures as lessons toward success, and stay motivated despite setbacks. Take criticism positively and use it as a tool for self-improvement. Keep striving to become a better version of yourself. Just keep going and trust that you’ll get there. 

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