Successful Candidates from China

Read about our candidates’ FAST OFFER International journey and get a better idea how they succeeded in finding a job in Japan!

After graduating from Jilin University, he entered the postgraduate school of Kyoto University as a master's student, specializing in economics. Studied Japanese during his undergraduate studies and has a high level of Japanese, having obtained JLPT N1. Multilingual, speaking Chinese, English, and Japanese, with potential for global activities. In his bachelor's graduation research, he studied population aging and social security in Japan and China.

She holds a Master's degree in Japanese Studies from Shanghai International Studies University and has studied in Japan for one year. As an intern, she was in charge of creating promotional materials for different clients at a consulting firm and communicating between Chinese and Japanese employees. She is fluent in Japanese, English, and Chinese with a customer-oriented perspective.

A Chinese student majoring in a doctoral course in materials engineering. In his doctoral course, he researched ceramic protective films for carbon fiber reinforced carbon composites and published the results in the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology and Corrosion Science Journal. He strongly aspires to be involved in the research and development of things that are useful to society, using his own knowledge and skills. Certified with JLPT N2, he is able to explain technical terms fluently.

Majored in Japanese at Tongji University, one of the top three universities in Shanghai in China. As an intern, she belonged to the International Exchange Department in a local program. She was involved in various tasks such as advertising, translation/interpretation, and document preparation for the Japan-China Trade Forum. Has acquired N1 and has good communication skills and is expected to play an active role globally.

Obtained a bachelor's degree in structural design research at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. Obtained a master's degree in research on airplane materials from Sophia University. Currently, he is studying as a doctoral student in the field of mechanical engineering at the Department of Science and Engineering at Sophia University. He simulated and analyzed the CAI strength test of CFRP laminate, which is a structural material used in aircraft design, and has acquired JLPT N1 and is very fluent in Japanese, and usually uses IT skills such as Python and C frequently in his research.

N1 certified student of communication and security research in China’s top Tsinghua University doctoral course. His research interests are next-generation communication technology using a protocol called IPv6 and security development for network function virtualization. The algorithm section of CODE TO JAPAN got a perfect score and got the top score in the problem of natural language processing in the AI ​​section. After studying Japanese at university and getting an N1, he’s still watching Japanese dramas and TV programs, and he is attracted to Japanese culture, so you can expect long-term employment from him.

A female student studying business administration at the prestigious University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Experienced as an intern at Deloitte and Dentsu Shanghai. At Deloitte, she was in charge of research and analysis for the establishment of a joint venture between Honda and New Soft Research in China as an intern for half a year, and Dentsu conducted a consumer needs survey in the marketing planning department for three months. Has experience close to practice. Since she majored in Japanese during her undergraduate years, she speaks three languages; Japanese, Chinese, and English. Serious and positive personnel who can work on anything, once decided, till the end.

A master’s student majoring in sensing and imaging systems at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. The bachelor’s degree majored in electronic information science at Sun Yat-sen University in China. Started studying Japanese by herself when she was a university student, and obtained N1 after studying abroad at Yokohama National University for half a year. The master’s research is yet to be completed, but it will be conducted in connection with the bachelor’s FYP theme “Vertical Nanoneedle Array Intracellular Delivery Technology and Assay Technology”. She also has programming experience, so she is expected to play an active role in a wide range of industries.

Experienced studying abroad at Hokkaido University in Computer Science major at Dalian University of Technology. Currently working on the design of computational accelerators in FPGAs, he also has experience in hardware design. In the future, he says to be considering graduation research on the theme of implementing an indoor guidance system using AR and computer vision.

She holds the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which is a high-ranking university in the inland China where the automobile industry is thriving, and has a native level of English. The research theme is how to make a cipher using the error of an electronic circuit using PUF (Physically Unclonable Function).

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