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He is from India and studied electrical engineering, his graduation thesis was on agricultural robots and he created a tomato harvesting robot. He has participated in the IIT Bombay competition and has attended Asia to Japan’s Japanese language classes for two years. His parents are farmers and he dreamt of working in Japan. He is a serious and hardworking person.

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Savitribai Phule Pune University
Electrical Engineering 
Manufacturer of machinery for the production of sanitary products.

Encountering Japanese language and culture at university 

When I was a first-year student at Pune University in India, I found Japanese classes offered as elective courses and decided to join to explore something newThe number of students who take Japanese courses has been increasing since the popularity has been growing at our university, and I was among the students who were attracted to them. 

At first, learning Japanese was just a hobby for me. However, our teacher, who had lived in Japan, shared stories about her life and work there. Even though I hadn’t been to Japan, her lively story and experiences gave me a glimpse into the culture and lifestyle in Japan. I became fascinated by the well-organized society, comfortable living, and the way people treated each other in Japan. Also, I came to know that there were a couple of job opportunities for foreigners as electrical engineers, which aligned perfectly with my major in electrical engineering. Working in Japan in the position has therefore become a big dream in my life. That’s how I became deeply fascinated with learning the language and kept on doing so to pursue my career in Japan.  

To improve my Japanese communication skills, I used to chat in Japanese with my classmates before and after the Japanese class or whenever we had time. I also joined a LINE group where we all wanted to improve our Japanese communication skills, and we would talk with each other in Japanese during group calls. When I was alone, I watched YouTube videos and listened to podcasts, repeating and shadowing them. I recommend anyone studying Japanese create more chances to use the language daily in similar ways.  


Job-hunting process through FAST OFFER International 

The first time I learned about FAST OFFER International was through a LinkedIn post where I saw my senior had been selected for a job in Japan through the program. This motivated me to pursue my own goal and soon I registered for FAST OFFER International on my own in 2022. However, I failed the mock interview at the time due to an incomplete final-year project and lack of preparation. Then for 6-7 months, I joined the Hirameki classes offered by FAST OFFER International to learn Japanese. After gaining Japanese knowledge through the classes, I reattempted the mock interview and passed in March 2023. That’s how my journey with the interview process began. 

In April, I received interview offers from three companies. To get through the process, I participated in two mentoring sessions that provided valuable support and helped me improve my answers. However, despite my efforts, I did not receive any offers from those companies. And in June 2023, I faced another disappointment when I failed an interview. 

It was sad, but I didn’t give up because working in Japan was a big dream of mine. It greatly appealed to me to see how my seniors work in Japan through their photos and video calls. Their stories taught me new things about Japan. Moreover, the mentors and staff from ASIA to JAPAN always supported and encouraged me with words like “You will receive offers! You will succeed! So just focus on yourself and the things you need to do!” Their unwavering support kept me motivated, even after experiencing multiple failures. 

At the end of August, I was given the chance for an interview, and in September, I finally received a job offer from the company. When I first read the email notifying me of my selection, I couldn’t believe it. I had to double-check multiple times and asked FAST OFFER International again and again if it was true, saying things like “Is it correct!? Really!? Then they confirmed, “Yes, you are finally selected!!” At that moment, I was so happy that I stood up and shared the incredible news with my parents. They were also so delighted. It was the moment my big dream came true.  


About the company 

I’m really delighted to work in a company that produces sanitary products and contributes to the health sector. In India, there’s a significant problem with the lack of access to such products, particularly in rural areas where only 45% of women have access to them. I hope that in the future, I can use the company’s products to help not only women in my country but also women around the world. 

I’m incredibly happy that I’ll be working in the field of electrical engineering, which aligns perfectly with my major and matches my interest, and I can apply what I learned in university. My plan is to deepen my knowledge in the technical areas and gain experience at first, and I hope to lead a team and take on more responsibility in the future. I also want to continue researching in my field and contribute to making the company more innovative. I aim to develop new products that can benefit the world. 

Plus, I still have about a half year to work in Japan, so I plan to improve my Japanese language skills, especially in the business field, and pass the JLPT N2 exam in December 


Message to viewers 

If you have a true passion for learning Japanese and working in Japan, it’s important to not give up. It’s fine to fail multiple times. If you fail 5-10 times, just keep going! Learn from your past experiences and believe that one day, you will be selected. 

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