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Majored in computer science. For his graduation research, he developed a system to reduce traffic congestion by using sensors and cameras to reduce the time spent waiting at traffic lights at intersections. He has also developed a system to check and manage student attendance, a web application to check the availability of medicines, and a project that uses machine learning to determine the emotion of a sentence. He has visited Japan twice and is very interested in Japanese culture.

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Engineering My Future: Family Dreams, Cultural Immersion, and FAST OFFER’s Role in My Japanese Career

His pursuit of working in Japan reflects a harmonious blend of family inspiration, cultural passion, and strategic professional support. Sparked by his family’s admiration for Japanese quality, his engineering ambition found direction through stories of seniors’ successes in Japan, Japanese language mastery, and insightful study trips. His collaboration with FAST OFFER International, a platform aiding talents to secure jobs in Japan, was pivotal. This partnership, enriched by targeted guidance on cultural and professional nuances, led him to focus on a singular opportunity with his preferred company—a decision that culminated in securing his dream job. His journey, underscored by deep family ties and a methodical approach to his career goals, epitomizes the power of focused ambition and the right support network in achieving international career aspirations. 


Rooted in Admiration: My Family’s Influence on My Japanese Dream 

In fifth grade, when our school offered Japanese language classes, I was keen to jump on board. During our nightly family dinners, my family was excited about how learning Japanese could unlock opportunities for me in the future, too.  

Years later, when it was time to decide on what path to pursue for college, I was deciding between Engineering or Medicine. I reflected on my interests and then on what would better suit me. I’ve had experience fixing little gadgets at home. When the remote control would stop working, I’d tinker with it until it got to working perfectly again. My enjoyment of those little experiences made me lean towards Engineering. What cemented the decision was considering how Engineering could help pave my path to my dream of working in Japan. 

My family and I talked about this a lot. We held a great impression of Japan as a producer of top-notch, high-quality products. This played a part in my decision-making. We only ever bought Sony TVs for our home even if it meant spending a little more. Through the years, we got to experience how our Sony TVs were of better quality and were also more durable. Though generally more expensive, Sony product’s guaranteed longevity meant we saved money in the long run. I wanted to be part of an industry that produced great products like that.  


Drawing Inspiration: Success Stories from Seniors in Japan 

Through the Japanese classes I was taking, I met a lot of seniors who were just like me back in the day, studying Japanese seriously. These seniors would tell us about their life in Japan, and revel about the opportunities there for growth. They talked about how Japan’s flourishing engineering and IT industry had so many opportunities they constantly needed to fill in roles. Apart from these inspiring stories, they would also generously give us delicious Japanese chocolate. These interactions made it easy to imagine myself in their place. I dreamt of being just like them: coming back to India to inspire juniors with wonderful stories and sweet treats.  

Having seniors to look up to helped me through the difficulties of learning Japanese. They were reminders as to why I was putting in the work. At that time, I was struggling to memorize kanji, apply grammar, and accurately listen. I remember at the start; we’d have these listening tests where we’d listen to Japanese-speaking videos. I’d only pick up 6 of the 20 Japanese words. Thinking about my seniors helped me push through. 


Study Trips to Japan: A Source of Inspiration and Determination 

Another experience with Japanese culture that made me pursue my dream of working in Japan was the two study trips to Japan I had last 2023 and 2019 through the Sakura Science Student Exchange Program.  

A week before one of the trips, they sent out a questionnaire to the students that included asking us for our nicknames. We didn’t know what this was for and thought it was an odd question. During the student trip, they used our nicknames to efficiently organize groups for a remote game. I was astonished at the level of thought and preparation they put in for a side activity. Their attention to detail was ingrained in their work ethic and it stretched to everything they did.  

Through those trips, the Japanese media I consume, and conversations with seniors, I’ve come to see a lot of Japanese traits that I want to be able to emulate. For example: there’s the Japanese’s world-famous punctuality. In Japan, their whole environment thanks to smart city planning and a working public transportation system, allows them to be consistently punctual. Punctuality is so ingrained in their culture that a train late for 30 seconds takes responsibility and gives out cards that employees can use as a valid excuse for being late. Systems in Japan work so well because both institutions and individuals are constantly thinking of ways to better things, and also dutifully following the systems in place.  

Inspired by this dream, I tried finding ways to go to Japan. I tried to look for Japanese universities, and later on internships, but that didn’t pay off. Still, I persisted and continued learning Japanese.  


Navigating Japan’s Job Market: My Experience with FAST OFFER International 

Though I missed the opportunity to study in Japan, I found more ways to get to my dream. Once I got started on my final year program, I was ready to begin FAST OFFER International’s job-hunting process. I created my profile on their site and gave three things: an essay on why I want to work in Japan, an essay on my Final Year project, and a 1-minute introduction video. FAST OFFER sent me opportunities to attend classes that would teach me nuances about Job Interviews. This was a game-changer. 

Job interviews in Japan are very different than what we practice in India. These classes helped me understand the expectations of Japanese companies, the correct ways to speak in such interviews, and other cultural nuances that could make or break my chances. After a few months, and much improvement on my part, my profile was shortlisted for four Japanese companies. I was shocked and amazed at the big opportunity that FOI suddenly offered me. Because I was shortlisted by more than three companies, I was also eligible to go on a sponsored 6-day trip to Japan to conduct the interviews in person.  


Strategic Decisions: Choosing the Right Job Offer in Japan 

I thought long and hard about these opportunities. For a week, I spent time reading the information sent to me and researching on my own about the companies, the job descriptions, and the industries. I also had discussions with my family about these different opportunities. Looking at the four opportunities, it was clear to me that of those four companies, one stood out as being perfectly matched with my skill set.  

Three things came to mind. One is that I was intent on joining this specific company, but should I have offers from the other companies, it would be a waste of time for them. Second, going for all four opportunities would split my attention instead of going all in for what I wanted. Third, getting opportunities from these companies would mean I would be taking away that opportunity from a peer.  

Bravely, I decided to decline the three other companies’ interviews. I then asked if I could take the interview for that one company, I had decided on digitally. Thankfully, FAST OFFER coordinated that digital interview for me. 


From Nervous Interviews to Celebratory Success: My Triumph with FAST OFFER’s Guidance 

Thanks to studying Japanese for 5 years and all the help that FAST OFFER gave me, I was feeling pretty confident about my Japanese skills by the time the first interview rolled around. I just had to thoroughly prepare for the technical questions.  

I was nervous though, as the first interview was scheduled extremely early to make up for the time difference between Japan and India. Excited and anxious, I couldn’t sleep well, and I woke up early to set up my devices and wear a nice, crisp suit. I gave myself a pep talk that despite my nerves and lack of sleep, I needed to do my best and not miss out on this amazing opportunity. Not doing my best will only lead to regret! 

That same day, I found out I passed the first interview and felt relief wash over me. The second round of the interview would happen in a few days. In between the first and second interviews, FAST OFFER gave me another mentoring session, preparing me even further. Finally, when it did happen, I did my best and felt 70% satisfied with how it went. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long to find out about the results. I got the news that I was successful the next day! 

My family, who’d been beside me throughout this journey, celebrated with me. As we all had dinner together—something we did every day—it still felt different, special, infused with joy from when years of hard work finally paid off. 

When I told my friends about my success, they jokingly asked me to treat them to celebrate, and I was glad to do so. I was already one step closer to my dream of being a generous successful senior working in Japan. 


Embracing the Future: Preparing for Life and Work in Japan 

It’ll be a while before I officially join the company. In the meantime, I’m mentally and physically preparing for that life in Japan. It will be my first time living away from my family and being on my own. I’m very close to my family so I know that it will be challenging for me. But that’s also why as early as now, my family’s already planning to visit me in Japan. Luckily, Japan is easy to fly to from India. I’m also making my preparations for that time: brushing up on my Japanese and learning basic skills like cooking necessary for a life on my own. 


Achieving My Japanese Dream Job with FAST OFFER International’s Help 

I’ve personally done a lot of hard work to secure that job offer but a lot of people have stood behind me to help me succeed. I’m lucky to have a family that’s supported my dream since I was a kid, and to have found FAST OFFER International who helped pave that path for me.  

For others looking to find work in Japan, FAST OFFER International is an amazing platform to use. They do so much to help international talents to land jobs in Japan: they offer classes, sponsor trips, and so much more. They’re going above and beyond. So, if your intent is as decided and committed as theirs, that you too are willing to do the work to get to Japan, then you are bound to succeed. If you and FAST OFFER International’s intentions of making a life in Japan sync up, then you can rest assured this dream will surely come true. 


Quick Questions with FAST OFFER International 

How is a Family-Oriented Young Professional Preparing for His New Life in Japan? 

My parents are planning to come at the start for 2-3 months. We’re also going to stay in touch virtually. Also, just priming myself that it’s important for me to experience living alone because that will teach me a lot about life and being independent. 

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