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He is a student majoring in automation at Bandung Institute of Technology, a prestigious science school in Indonesia. He lived in Sendai for 4 years during his childhood and dreams of building his future career in Japan. For his graduation project, he designed and implemented an automated system for internal pipe welding. He has not only knowledge of hardware, but also IT skills such as Python and C++.

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A Japanese company creating of infrastructure to support industrial and social development through the construction of social infrastructure facilities such as power plants, power receiving and transforming facilities, transportation systems, and factories

Convinced that as an engineer, I could grow in Japan, a country with a strong manufacturing industry   

From 2005-2009, my family lived in Sendai as my father went to Tohoku University to pursue his PhD. Having lived in Japan from kindergarten to elementary school, Japan is not a foreign country but a place I am connected to. After my father graduated, our family returned to Indonesia, but the experience of spending my childhood in Japan remained a good memory for me.  


Attracted by the idea of creating, I specialized in engineering during college. Unfortunately, there are few jobs for development engineers in Indonesia. The few available jobs are in oil and coal mining. Therefore, it is common for engineering students in Indonesia to switch to industries such as finance, IT, or marketing when they start their careers. It is common for their field of specialization to be different from the industry they work in. Insistent to pursue engineering, I wanted to work in an environment where I could concentrate on development work. Thus, I turned my attention to Japan, home to a booming manufacturing industry.  


For the first trip to Japan in 14 years: FAST OFFER Visiting Japan type interview   

I happened upon the FAST OFFER booth at a university job fair in Indonesia and registered through the link on the poster. At first, I had no idea that after registering, I would be called to Japan and even helped with job offers from Japanese companies.  


After registering with FAST OFFER, I received interview invitations from five companies. I was also invited to a Japan-based interview session. I had not been to Japan for a long time since I returned to Indonesia with my father. Participating in the FAST OFFER in Japan interview made this my first trip to Japan in 14 years. Coming to Japan was like stepping back in time, as my memories of the past overlapped with the scenery before me.  


The preparation was more difficult because of the number of companies that invited me for interviews. Fortunately, I got through the interviews thanks to FAST OFFER mentors’ candid, kind, and strict advice. Unlike in Indonesia, Japanese companies place a lot of importance on the reason you want to work in Japan or why you want to work in this company. Not being used to that, it was difficult for me to write an entry sheet. I found my direction because my mentor advised me to write in a way that matched the company’s technology and products with my expertise and skills.  


During the FAST OFFER mentor session, I learned the proper way to get an interview. This is not only applicable to Japanese companies but also to any country in the world. I am incredibly grateful that I gained such experience, as it will also help me in the future.  


I had a wonderful conversation during an interview with a company that offered me a job

I was accepted by three of the five companies selected for interviews at the face-to-face interview in Japan. I was happy, especially when my current employer congratulated me. It was not because of the salary or benefits at that company, but because I wanted to be an engineer, and since they are a major machine manufacturing company, my job choice axis and that company matched. The interview with the company that made the job offer lasted about an hour, and I still remember how interested I was in talking with them.  


Beyond the job description that fits me, the company’s corporate culture also showed me how compatible we would be. During the interview, you can get an insight into the company atmosphere and working conditions of its employees. During my interview with the company that offered me the job, the interviewer treated me warmly from start to finish. I was left with an exceptional impression. I decided to join the company because I would like to work with friendly colleagues in such a cheerful atmosphere in the future.   


At this point, I am undecided about the type of work I will be assigned to, but it will be product development or production engineering. I have longed to work in a technical position where I can practice engineering, so I am excited about my future work life after joining the company.   


Internships provide real-life experience in Japanese workplaces in preparation for entry into the company

I am currently interning at an electrical equipment company in Kochi as a participant in “METI,” a program led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that provides international students with internship opportunities at small and medium-sized Japanese companies. This is an unbelievably valuable opportunity for me to gain hands-on experience in a Japanese company, from business etiquette to working style. I believe that gaining practical experience will help me in my future work life.  


To all of you registered with FAST OFFER, I believe that for engineering majors, Japan is an ideal place to grow. Japan is ideal for those who love manufacturing and want to feel the satisfaction of being an engineer.  


The journey to find a job in Japan is not easy, as there are not enough information sources and Japanese language skills are required, but with the help of FAST OFFER, I fulfilled my wish to find a job in Japan. If you wish to find a job in Japan, please take advantage of FAST OFFER’s services.  

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