Manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, and other motorized products

A female graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pune University. The research worked on the design of a cooling and packaging system for diesel generators installed above and below ground. She was attracted to Japanese-style management and technical capabilities and has done an internship and aimed to get a job in Japan.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
Mechanical Engineering


I just wanted to share my first abroad job experience in Japan. It has been one & half year working in Yamaha motor Co., (YMC) headquarters in Japan. I am very happy to have been given this chance to share about my life in Japan during this period and to summarize it I can say that it has been the best part of my life which helped me grow in many numbers of ways. To begin with, I would like to speak about from where it all started. I felt it was a great opportunity to pursue foreign orientated language when FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) established it’s tie-up with Pune University. This company based in Japan helps graduate students with high academic background to find jobs in Japan. After that I got myself enrolled in this program where I was trained for Japanese language & made me prepared & appear for JLPT exam. I grabbed this opportunity as it could allow me to gain experience in abroad, which to be honest, I had never even imagined before. Fortunately, I could pass the JLPT exam and the skype interview round and was selected to come to Japan for interviewing with 7 Japanese companies. After interviewing for 7 companies I got to job offers for 2 companies & it was only possible because of Kanbara San, my skype interview mentor. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me about my career in Japan & the area I can expertise in. I am so appreciative of not only the way my mentor has taken me under his wing after our first meeting, but also his generosity with time and resources. The interest that my mentor has shown in my success and development is something for which I feel very grateful. Considering all the future prospects and after discussion and advice from concerned mentors from FAST OFFER Int’land my family, I decided to work in Japan & for the past 1 & half year has helped me to achieve a lot and develop myself. We have the image of Japan as an island nation which became and is a world superpower because of the hard work of its people, excellent and uncompromising R&D standards. Also, about the honest and polite nature of Japanese people. After living here for a long time, I can confidently say that all of this is true.

I hope that my experience may encourage students in India to consider Japan as a destination to pursue jobs. I do hope that in future there will be many more job opportunities program between the two nations to further strengthen the cooperative and friendly alliance.

Getting to know Japanese work culture, having a truly global experience and my own personal development are some of the many things that I have been privileged to have in Japan. I have found Japan to be a wonderful blend of both eastern and western cultures and it has been a privilege to live in this country and learn so many things.

To conclude, I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to FAST OFFER Int’l and the Japanese Language Program sponsored by ASIA to JAPAN for providing me and many other students with this priceless opportunity.


「DIESEL GENSETの冷却パッケージ設計」
1 - 悪い換気
2 – 空間の利用可能性。
3 - Ductsの設置スペースはさらに広がります。
4 – DGセットの非効率的な冷却(温度上昇)
5 – 冷却液ポンプの容量は、遠隔のラジエータとエンジンとの間の距離の増加のために大きくする必要がある。


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