Beyond the Screen: A Myanmar Anime Enthusiast’s Real-Life Japanese Adventure


The story captures the journey of a passionate anime fan from Myanmar who, inspired by his love for anime, embarked on a mission to learn Japanese and immerse himself in Japan’s culture. While his initial attempt at self-study didn’t pan out, his university years saw a renewed zeal for the Japanese language, fueled by his engagement with the Otaku Club. Majoring in marine engineering but with a growing interest in construction management and design, he faced the challenge of changing his focus. But the opportunity presented itself when the president of a Japanese Construction company visited his university, leading his to prepare vigorously for an interview with the company, aided significantly by the assistance from FAST OFFER International. After successfully passing the interview, he looked forward to working in a Japanese company, aiming to become a qualified construction manager and contribute his knowledge and expertise to society.

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Anime Dreams Spark a Love for Japanese Culture 

Since childhood, I’ve been captivated by anime, sparking a curiosity about Japan. I wanted to learn more about Japan while watching anime. I wanted to listen to it without subtitles, so I started to study on my own, but I struggled to keep up and eventually paused my efforts. Later, when I entered university, I joined the “Otaku Club” as an anime fan. Surrounded by like-minded friends who liked anime as much as I did, I felt I had a very fulfilling college life.

While participating in the Otaku Club, I began to feel a renewed passion for the Japanese language, and in my junior year of college, I began to study Japanese again in earnest, along with my academic work. At the time, the president of a Japanese company contributing to community development and regional development through the construction industry came to my university, introduced me to the company, and shed light on Japan’s need for science-related talent. I had a chance to talk with the president at the time, and he invited me to participate in an interview at the company, so I began preparing for the interview.  


Nailing the Job Interview: Tips and Tricks 

During my marine engineering studies, my interest shifted towards construction management and design. I contemplated changing my major but timing constraints prevented me from doing so. The interview was conducted online, so preparing for it was difficult in many ways. For example, the online interview requires you to make eye contact with the interviewer. If you look at the computer screen properly, they will feel like you are looking down at them, so I made sure to look at the camera while speaking.

I also practiced smiling a lot. Before the interview, I received a set of interview questions from the FAST OFFER International team and practiced speaking exactly what I wanted to say in Japanese according to the questions. I also underwent a mock interview with my teacher’s assistance, which significantly boosted my confidence. Thanks to everyone’s help, I was able to pass the interview without any nervousness.  


Achieving the Dream: A Job Offer from Japan 

Receiving the job offer was a momentous occasion for me, marking the realization of a long-held dream. At first, it was incredibly emotional, but I am looking forward to coming to a Japanese company, communicating with people from various countries, and learning about different ways of thinking and cultures.  

In the future, I would like to qualify as a construction manager and contribute to society by utilizing my knowledge and expertise as soon as possible. However, securing a job offer is not the end of my journey; I have to continue studying Japanese. I am currently dedicated to daily preparations for the JLPT N2 exam, ensuring that I am well-prepared for the challenges ahead. 


The Japan Dream: A Message of Hope and Perseverance 

In Myanmar, many students, including myself, aspire to pursue their Japan Dream. However, it is not easy to work in a country like Myanmar and the path to working in a country like Japan is challenging. I think it is essential to have the language skills to live in the country and interact with the local people. So, please give more of your time to the Japanese language. Then you will bring yourself closer to opportunities in Japan. 

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