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A graduate of Myanmar Maritime University, specialising in river and coastal engineering. At university, she did research on water quality at Myanmar Maritime University. She had attended a Japanese language school in Japan for a month, and apart from studying, she also visited Japanese buildings, bridges and tunnels. She is interested in highways and skyscrapers and is highly motivated to use the knowledge she has learned to grow as a construction engineer in Japan.

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Experienced Japan’s technological prowess by studying Abroad  

Since I was young, I’ve been a big fan of Japanese anime, especially Naruto. I loved how Naruto-as a character–was extremely determined to meet his goals. I’m just like this! This sparked my desire to learn the Japanese language, and I began studying it during my first year of university. Later, I successfully obtained the JLPT N5 level, and I had the opportunity to spend a month in Japan through the AJMMC (Japan-Myanmar Exchange Association) program four years ago. During my stay, I attended a Japanese-language school from Monday to Friday. On weekends, I visited places like Yokohama and Tokyo Disneyland, and I even had the chance to explore bridges and tunnels. Throughout my time there, Japan captivated me with its high-rise buildings and well-developed roads. As a student of civil engineering, I was deeply impressed by Japan’s advanced technological capabilities. Witnessing these sights fueled my aspiration to apply the knowledge I had acquired and work in Japan someday.  


My attempt at relearning Japanese  

During my study abroad experience four years ago, I developed an interest in Japan. Sadly, when I entered university, I got so busy I wasn’t able to make time to study Japanese. After graduating from university last May, I decided to start my Japanese learning again to pursue my dream of working in Japan. 

Every day, I would go to AJMMC in the morning and study Japanese for three hours. They also offered conversation classes, which helped me improve my speaking skills since I was able to talk with teachers and fellow students in Japanese. Although the teachers were quite harsh at times, my strong desire to work in Japan motivated me to give my best effort every day. It is worth mentioning that I benefited from a teacher who is Japanese and had previously worked in Japan. I was able to gain valuable insights into Japanese work and lifestyle culture through our conversations.  


Following my successful peers, I began job hunting through FAST OFFER International  

I learned about FAST OFFER International through a recommendation from a teacher at AJMMC. When I visited their website, I found descriptions of various companies and began reading their success stories. I was intrigued that students from different fields of study could participate in the program. Since FAST OFFER’s services were well-known among AJMMC students, I gave it a try.  

I registered in June 2023. Shortly after registering, I received an opportunity for an online interview with a Japanese company. However, due to my lack of preparation and insufficient Japanese language skills, I was rejected. At that time, my Japanese speaking speed was slow compared to others, which may have given the impression that I hadn’t studied Japanese a lot.  

Although I felt discouraged at that time, I am the type of person who perseveres and gives my all to achieve what I have set my mind to. To fulfill my dream of working in Japan, I prepared even more.  

In December, I received another opportunity for an online interview with a different company. There were two rounds of interviews, and the second round took place the day after passing the first round. So, I had limited time for preparation due to my busy schedule. Still, I buckled up and believed that I could do it. This helped me overcome the challenges. Thankfully, the interviewers were also very approachable and easy to talk to.  

When I received the job offer, I was delighted, and it felt like a dream come true. I was gobsmacked. I thought, “Oh my god! Did I really get the job offer!?” I immediately shared the news with my mother, and she was thrilled, saying, “Really!? That’s wonderful!” My whole family was happy for me.  


Entering a company that addresses environmental issues  

I got the job offer from a company that addresses greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental issues. Inspired by their work, I decided to join the company and take on such challenges myself.  

From April this year, I will begin working at their Tokyo office. While I have been to Japan before, there’s a different kind of nervous excitement because this time I’m coming for work. I feel a bit anxious because I will be the only Myanmar national at the company, but that won’t stop me from doing my best.  


Reaching my goals in Japan 

My goal upon joining the company is to utilize my expertise in river engineering to contribute to the projects. I will also use my civil engineering knowledge to benefit the company.  

In the future, I aim to pass the engineering exam within the next three to five years. By gaining diverse experiences within the company and further enhancing my skills, I believe I can successfully pass the exam. Ultimately, I hope to become an asset to the company and make a valuable contribution. Like the anime heroes who inspire me, I am determined to meet my personal goals while making significant contributions wherever I go.  

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