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She graduated from Thanlin University of Myanmar with a degree in Civil Engineering. She is a global talent who can speak English, Japanese, and Korean, in addition to her native language, Myanmar. In her graduation research, she conducted a study on the impact of traffic signal design on traffic congestion. She is bright and has good communication skills.

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Thanlin University of Myanmar
Civil Engineering
Japanese company providing human resource services such as temporary staffing and outsourced contracting to manufacturing plants, mainly for major companies.

My Childhood Dream: Working in Japan as a Civil Engineer  

Since I was a young child in Myanmar, I’ve always set my sights on Japan. I spent my childhood watching Gundam and Kamen Rider. I was also amazed by Japan’s impressive subways and the Shinkansen. My appreciation for Japan’s transport systems must also be because of my admiration for my father, a civil engineer in Singapore. These were the building blocks to my dream: to be a civil engineer like my father but in Japan instead, the home of some of the most highly developed construction technology and transportation systems.

For much of my youth though, there wasn’t a clear path to achieve my dream. The internet wasn’t widely accessible yet. I didn’t have time or opportunities to study Japanese. Then, when I graduated from university, the new Coronavirus spreading caused Myanmar’s situation to deteriorate, making it more difficult for me to focus on Japanese language studies or job hunting.   

Thankfully, I came across an opportunity to learn Japanese through the Association of Japan Myanmar Mutual Cooperation (AJMMC), a non-profit organization. In January 2023, I began my Japanese language studies, which included an important component called “shadowing.” “Shadowing” is the best homework ever! Being a fan of Japanese anime and variety shows, I happily did my “homework” by watching my favorite Japanese shows daily. Since I like learning new languages, having previously studied English, Korean, Chinese, and German, I enjoyed learning Japanese. In July 2023, I successfully passed the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N3 and NAT-TEST Level 3 exams, and I’m now working towards passing the JLPT N2 in December.  


My Dreams Delayed: I was 27 with no job hunt experience, and feeling lost 

I was happy to be able to speak in Japanese, but still, I was insecure about the fact I wasn’t able to work after graduating. Job hunting and interviews were so new to me. Although I had an internship at a construction company, because I worked in an office for a short period, I didn’t get to know the work site, which is equivalent to no practical experience. Someone even told me that I wasn’t fit to be a civil and building engineer because I was a woman and because my voice had a higher pitch than usual. Initially, I felt overwhelmed and scared. I thought, “Job hunting seems incredibly difficult and scary. What should I do?” I lacked self-confidence but still wanted to go after my dream, unsure if I was capable. 


You Can’t Dream Alone: My First Job Hunt through FAST OFFER International Changed My Life’s Trajectory 

In April 2023, my Japanese language teacher at AJMMC introduced me to ASIA to JAPAN’s FAST OFFER International. I was intrigued, and so I registered.  

FAST OFFER International arranged interview practice sessions with me. I was extremely nervous, but the staff and mentors at ASIA to JAPAN helped build my confidence through their support and kindness. They constantly encouraged me, saying, “You can do it!” Their words provided me with much-needed strength.   

Since it was my first time, I was nervous and scared when the first online interviews rolled out in May and June. Also, I just turned 27, older than most applicants, so I felt so much pressure to have this workout. I was so scared, but to my surprise, the interviewers were kind and welcoming, which put me at ease. The interview questions revolved around technical knowledge, skills, and interests.  

After two interview rounds, I got a job offer! I was so happy, especially considering it was my first interview. I was so anxious about failing these interviews! I was insecure about my lack of experience but getting that job offer boosted my self-confidence. 


One step closer to my dream of working in Japan as a Civil Engineer

I’m joining a Japanese company in April 2024. Over the next six months, I am further improving my Japanese language skills and expanding my knowledge of architecture. Language-wise, I’m confident I’ll pass the JLPT N2 exam in December 2023. I’ll also attend classes on BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Revit, a BIM design software, to enhance my knowledge before starting my job.  

As of now, I don’t have a concrete vision of my aspirations after joining the company. I plan to concentrate on working hard first. I am open to working in that field. Also, to grow as a civil engineer, it is necessary for me to know the field first. Witnessing my father’s hard work in Singapore and observing my friends who are civil engineers in Japan, I am inspired to work just as diligently.    


Message to other dreamers 

It was always my dream to work in Japan, but for some time, I lost my confidence and thought it was unrealistic. I thought it was a big hurdle for women to work abroad. Plus, I was affected by the discriminatory experience of being told my appearance and voice couldn’t work for a civil engineer. But here I am now, proving those discouragements wrong. I didn’t do it alone, though. Through AJMMC and FAST OFFER International, I achieved a dream I once thought was impossible.  

If you have a dream, find the right people to encourage you as I did, and pursue it wholeheartedly. Hard work, determination, and finding support are the keys to making your dreams come true. I know the path may be challenging, but I wholeheartedly support you!  

In the words of my mentors from ASIA to JAPAN, “You can do it!” 

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