Bridging Passions: The Road from Indonesian Anime Fan to Japanese Robotics Engineer


Drawn to Japan through a love for anime, his journey from Indonesia to pursuing a career in robotics is a blend of cultural admiration and technological aspiration. They started with Japanese language studies in high school and progressed to an N3 JLPT certification, with ambitions for N2, thanks to FAST OFFER International’s online classes. This journey laid the foundation for his dream to work in Japan’s high-tech industry. A pivotal visit to Japan for an interview, facilitated by FAST OFFER International, opened his eyes to new experiences and underscored the importance of meticulous preparation. Thus, the successful navigation through the interview process, bolstered by mock interviews and extensive prep, culminated in a job offer in their desired field. He looks forward to contributing to machine learning and robotics projects, while also seizing the moment to explore Indonesia further. 24108

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Cultural Fascination to Technological Ambition 

I first became interested in Japan through anime, which sparked a deep curiosity about the country’s culture. As I delved deeper into Japanese culture, I found myself falling in love with its unique charm and traditions.  

My passion for robotics just added fuel to the fire to explore Japan, a global leader in technology and innovation. I joined a robotics club in college, where I honed my skills and nurtured my dream of working in a robotics-related field in the future. Japan’s reputation as a high-tech country made it an obvious choice for me to pursue my career goals. The prospect of immersing myself in Japan’s innovative technology and culture was incredibly exciting. Determined to pursue this path, I made the bold decision to leave my home country of Indonesia and embark on a new journey in Japan. 

My journey to Japan is intertwined with my efforts to learn the Japanese language. I began studying Japanese in high school and continued my studies through FAST OFFER International’s online classes in college. Currently holding an N3 certification on the JLPT, I’m committed to pushing my language skills further in 2024 with the goal of achieving an N2 certification.


Language Mastery Through FAST OFFER International 

I received an email from the university informing me about FAST OFFER International‘s Japanese language classes. Intrigued by the beginner-friendly course content, I saw it as a chance to embark on a year-long Japanese learning journey. The prospect of progressing to higher levels in stages and receiving instruction from a Japanese teacher was particularly appealing, as I believed it would greatly benefit my future Japanese language learning.  

As my Japanese language skills reached a level where I felt interview-ready, an exciting opportunity came my way: an invitation from FAST OFFER International to visit Japan and take part in an interview with a Japanese company. The interview process was a significant milestone for me and being chosen by the company filled me with immense happiness. I shared this joyous news with my family, who were equally delighted. However, getting here wasn’t easy; I faced rejection from two online interviews in November.


Overcoming Challenges with Perseverance 

My first visit to Japan in December for an interview was eye-opening. I was captivated by the beauty of the Japanese seas and impressed by the meticulous separation of garbage. However, the abundance of crows was surprising, as Indonesia is not home to such large numbers of them. Another notable difference was experiencing the winter. Winter was a new experience for me, and I quickly learned the importance of a warm-down coat to combat the cold. 

Undeterred by the November rejections, I used this setback as motivation to prepare even more diligently for the December round of in-person interviews. I dedicated time to practice in front of a mirror, refining my facial expressions and honing my interview skills. 

About a month before the interview, I teamed up with a friend to conduct mock interviews and made thorough use of the collection of questions provided by FAST OFFER International. All that prep work paid off. Thanks to these preparations, I approached the interview with confidence and composure, ultimately receiving a job offer.

The road to this point hasn’t been all smooth sailing, filled with challenges and setbacks, but each hurdle only fueled my determination to succeed. I am grateful for the support and guidance of FAST OFFER International, as well as the encouragement of my family and friends, in helping me achieve this milestone.


Inspiring Fellow Dreamers 

As I mentioned in the interview, I’m really looking forward to diving into machine learning and robotics projects once I start at the company. With a few months remaining before I join, I plan to make the most of it by doing some traveling. I know life will get busier once work kicks in, so I want to explore as much as I can now. Destinations such as Bandung, Lombok, and Bali are on my itinerary. To fellow dream pursuers in Japan, keep pushing forward and believing in yourselves. You’ve got this! 

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