From Pixels to Perseverance: A Gamer’s Journey to a Career in Japan


Master student in Taiwan majoring in optics. He obtained N1 with self study. He studied basic materials and materials thermodynamics at university and also devoted himself to semiconductor fabrication. He is a student who likes to communicate and wants to try different global jobs.

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Development, manufacturing and sales of fine glass, electronic components and multilayer film filters by applying thin film technology

From Pixels to Perseverance: A Gamer’s Journey to a Career in Japan


From a young age, his passion for Japanese games on PlayStation and Nintendo kindled a fascination with the Japanese language and culture, leading to learning Japanese and dreaming of working in Japan as a global engineer. This dream was nurtured through personal achievements in language mastery and a deep appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship and work ethic, encouraged by the advice of his parents to broaden his horizons. With the support of FAST OFFER International, he navigated the job-hunting process in Japan, got mentored, sponsored a trip to Japan, and overcame challenges such as military service commitments and cultural barriers. This journey culminated in securing a job in Japan, marking the start of a new chapter of living independently and fully immersing in Japanese culture, all while encouraging others to bravely pursue their dreams with determination.



From Gaming to Gaining: My Japanese Language Journey   

 When I was a kid, I got into gaming. A lot of the games I wound up playing on PlayStation and Nintendo were purely in Japanese. At that time, translations in English or Chinese weren’t yet available and I was itching to understand. That was the start of my curiosity about the Japanese language. So, I took the chance to take Japanese classes opened at my elementary school. I was further exposed to Japanese culture in these classes. Then, in high school, I also got into anime. All this led to my dream of one day living and working in Japan.   

 I experienced a lot of fulfilling moments from studying Japanese. I felt accomplished when I started watching anime without subtitles. I felt proud when I was able to converse with Japanese people visiting my home country Taiwan. The long process of learning a new language gave me the defining experience of hard work bearing fruit. The satisfaction I got from years of learning the language showed me how perseverance pays off. This mindset led me to choose to study semiconductors in college.   

 Studying semiconductors can be very daunting for some! It’s a difficult subject but that’s what I like about it. Figuring out difficult projects on this topic gave me that same satisfaction. I loved cracking problems and having it all come together.    


Engineering My Future: Why Japan Was the Perfect Fit     

 My parents gave me valuable advice: broaden your horizons. My father, who’s had extensive experience working with Japanese people discussed to me how advanced Japan’s basic industry was. This could be something I could learn from. My parents urged me to work abroad and see what’s happening elsewhere, outside of Taiwan.    


Broadening Horizons: Advice That Shaped My Career Path  

 I liked this challenge. What did “broadening one’s horizons” mean? For me, it means having a global perspective, being able to consider other cultures, and communicating with other professionals beyond your backyard. I thought about what it meant to expand my sights to Japan. I could see and emulate their craftsmanship that has yielded global fame. I’d get to see what it is about them that makes their products and work ethic world-class. The Japanese have this dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, that has set their reputation apart. I wanted to take part in that culture, and perhaps, like them, can also be a world-class engineer.    

 Unlike my peers in Taiwan who went straight into Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor industry, I instead kept my parents’ advice in mind which melded well with my childhood dream: to work in Japan.   


FAST OFFER International: The Mentorship That Opened Doors in Japan  

 During my second year in university, in one of my Japanese classes, my teacher introduced me to FAST OFFER International. I looked up the opportunity though and saw that I hadn’t yet met the requirements. One of the requirements is your Final Year Project. So, I delayed my application for the job-hunting process, but instead got in touch with their mentors. FAST OFFER International gave me mentorship sessions every six months that helped address my Japanese language ability. A little more than a school year later, when I finished my final year project, I pushed for my job hunting with FAST OFFER International.    


Landing the Dream Job: Overcoming Challenges with FAST OFFER’s Help  

 Upon starting my job-hunting journey, I was shortlisted by two companies that wanted to interview me. FAST OFFER International was able to help me find companies who weren’t just interested in me, but also understanding my requirements. Being a male Taiwanese citizen, I’m required to do half a year of military service after college which means the date, I can join the company has to be delayed a lot.   

 Of the two interested companies, one of them wanted to meet me in person so I got to go on a completely sponsored trip to Japan. Before the trip, FAST OFFER International gave me one-on-one mentoring sessions that taught me so much about Japanese job interviews. I’m so grateful for this as my peers, who are also looking for jobs, don’t get this much aid. The interview mentoring sessions helped me prepare for the questions that would be asked, and they also gave me personalized pointers to improve on.   

 When I arrived in Japan, FAST OFFER International was there for me every step of the way helping me do the interviews in peak condition. They picked me up from the airport and helped me with traveling to the companies. I wouldn’t have been able to get to the companies so easily as I would have been overwhelmed just reading all the Japanese signages. Not only that, but they also gave me clear instructions on when to get up, and when to leave–all important advice so I could fully focus on preparing for the interviews.   

 Of my two attempts, I succeeded in getting that sweet final offer from one of the companies. It was such a speedy process. Within the same day of the second interview, I found out if I had passed. My peers in Taiwan who have also been job hunting, typically must wait a week more to find out the results of their interviews. That waiting time is often marked with a lot of anxiety. FAST OFFER International’s quick process spared me from that anxious anticipation.   


Embracing the Japanese Way: A New Chapter Begins  

 I’m excited to live independently: managing my finances, immersing in Japanese culture, having more Japanese conversations, broadening my perspective, and just making a life in Japan. There’s so much to look forward to!    

 I just want to tell others to bravely go for what they want. There’s a chance you’ll regret it if you fail, but if you don’t play the game, then there’ll be no chance of winning at all. It’s almost certain you’ll forever be wondering, carrying that regret for the rest of your life. So do it! Start your journey and aim to win. Getting help from FAST OFFER International is like having a super high-level party member—raising your chances of winning way more than you thought possible.    

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