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She majored in Information Science at the University of Brawijaya, Indonesia. She speaks very fluent Japanese, having lived in Kochi City, and has JLPT N1. She has expertise in front-end development and machine learning and is a certified TensorFlow Developer and a machine learning instructor at Bangkit Academy, a collaborative project with Google Inc.

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Connecting with Japan through my father moving to Japan 

For me, Japan is not a faraway foreign land. My family moved to Kochi Prefecture to live in Japan with my father from the third to fifth grade of elementary school for him to pursue his master’s degree. Since that time, my image of Japan has been formed. While my home country, Indonesia, has only summer, Japan has four distinct seasons. I also felt the beauty and interest that is unique to Japan, such as the diverse culture and food produced by the abundance of nature. 

The education I received at school was also different from that in Indonesia. Initially, I struggled with public speaking, but due to frequent presentations at Japanese elementary schools, I gradually became more comfortable with this skill. This experience enabled me to nurture the invaluable trait of punctuality, a quality I have upheld consistently to this day. Most importantly, it also gave me a chance to learn Japanese. I attribute my current ability to communicate effortlessly in Japanese to the education I received during that period. 

For me, the experience of spending time in Japan from a young age was the catalyst for finding a job in Japan. I have a “love” for the country of Japan, and I hope to return to Japan someday after returning to Indonesia. 


Job hunting is not a smooth process, there are obstacles 

It was almost two years ago that I applied for FAST OFFER. When I submitted my application, I was still a sophomore in college, so I had not yet started my Final Year Project, internship, etc. Therefore, I had a few points that appealed to them. I felt very lonely because I had not received any contact from the company for a long time after I registered. I realized how important it was to gain experience because if I didn’t, there was no way companies would choose me.  

So, in my third and fourth years, I worked hard to challenge myself and improve my skills by obtaining the TensorFlow Developer Certification, running the Google Developer Student Club, which was like a leadership training program, and being in charge of class support staff to improve my profile.  

After six months had passed, I received long-awaited contact from two companies for online interviews through FAST OFFER. It was a moment of excitement to finally get a PASS on the application screening process. However, I soon realized that I was ill-prepared. As a result, I faced a series of rejections. To be honest, at that time, I was not that concerned about “getting accepted”. It was natural to feel frustrated due to the failure, but I believe I learned a good lesson by gaining experience that may be useful for future interviews. 


First trip to Japan in 11 years: Participation in an interview even in person 

On June 1st of this year, joy washed over me as I received a phone call from the ASIA to JAPAN staff, informing me of my selection for interviews with four companies and extending an invitation to visit Japan. Promptly, the ASIA to JAPAN team arranged my flight tickets and I immediately got my passport and secured a visa. After an arduous wait of 11 years, I finally embarked on my first journey to Japan. 

 On my first day in Japan, I went through the orientation, which made me feel very anxious as the long-awaited day of the interview finally arrived the next day. Even after returning to the hotel, relaxation still got away from me. I practiced by interviewing with my mentor in mock interviews and making notes on areas where I was not confident.  

 Finally, the first day of interviews dawned, but I found myself battling a nasty cold. With a fever and a runny nose, I was in a tough spot. The ASIA to JAPAN representative took immediate action and adjusted the time of the interview from morning to afternoon, rescheduling my interview from the morning to the afternoon to accommodate my condition. 

 During the first interview, I suddenly developed a cough and was given water by the company’s personnel. The company’s HR person told me, “It’s okay to drink water.” He was so kind to me that my anxiety and nervousness were dispelled. I was gradually able to show my true potential.  

On the first day of the interview, fortunately, the interview results were mostly unaffected by the cold. I was informed, “Out of the four companies I interviewed with, I was successful in three of them.”  

On the second day of the interview session, we conducted what felt like casual interviews and were able to deepen our mutual understanding with the companies we liked. That evening, I received two offers from companies (and highly desirable ones at that). All my efforts over the past two years had finally paid off, and I had fulfilled my “find a job in Japan” dream! I could not be more pleased! 


For students starting their job hunting 

Without ASIA to JAPAN, I really did not know how to connect with Japanese companies as an Indonesian student. ASIA to JAPAN has provided a wonderful opportunity for students living abroad to pursue jobs in Japan, and I am sincerely grateful for this incredible opportunity. 

To those of you who will be job hunting through ASIA to JAPAN, please consider it “normal” not to be accepted after an interview. If you don’t get the job, don’t give up. I want you to try many times, get to know your weaknesses and strengths well, then make up for your weaknesses and hone your strengths! Modify your goals in a way that is suitable for you, and don’t give up. If you do so, you will surely achieve success. You will definitely receive a job offer! 

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