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Majored in computer engineering at the University of Indonesia. In the final research, he developed a smoking detection system based on the MobileNetV3 algorithm using Python. Took a break from school and worked as a web programmer to set up an Indonesian legal database. He also has IT skills such as MySQL, HTML, PHP, Java, etc., and is able to conduct interviews in Japanese.

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-The reasons for my interest in Japan and my homestay experience-  

The initial spark of my interest in Japan dates to my high school days. At that time, I used to play Japanese video games and read manga with my friends, which made me curious about Japanese culture. 

Furthermore, during my high school years, I participated in a homestay program in Japan with my friends and teacher. We visited Japan for approximately one week, and each student stayed with a Japanese family for two nights and three days. During my stay, I noticed that Japanese people follow rules and etiquette, particularly in terms of punctuality and respecting others’ time. For instance, I observed people forming orderly lines before boarding trains and using separate lanes on escalators. I thought that Japan’s disciplined culture must also reflect in the Japanese people’s work ethics. I aspired to work with such discipline someday.

-Dreams of becoming a technologist in Japan- 

Moreover, I have been interested in technology and computers since my childhood. Therefore, I pursued a major in computer engineering in college. As far as I know, Japan is one of the countries with the most advanced technologies globally, particularly in the fields of machine learning and automation. As a computer engineering student, I wanted to learn how advanced countries like Japan use technology. My interest lies in how technology is utilized rather than how it is researched. Thus, I decided to work in the technology field in Japan. 

My father’s influence also motivated me to work abroad. He used to tell me stories of his younger days when he graduated from law school and received a scholarship to study in the United States. After studying there for a year, he returned to Indonesia. My father always advised me and my siblings that if we have the opportunity, we should study or work abroad, as it will change our lives for the better. As I had an interest in Japan, I decided to work in Japan if I get the opportunity. 

From then on, I started studying Japanese gradually, starting in high school. During high school, I taught myself hiragana, katakana, and some basic kanji. After entering college, I took Japanese classes under ASIA to JAPAN, where I practiced more advanced Japanese, such as speaking and writing. Japanese grammar and kanji are challenging, but I persevered and am currently studying at the JLPT N2 level.


-Job hunting in Japan- 

I conducted job hunting in Japan through FAST OFFER International. The biggest challenge was, of course, the language barrier. It was difficult to verbalize and convey what I was thinking in my head in Japanese during the interview process. 

However, thanks to the interview practice with my mentor, I was able to learn how to job hunt in Japan. She taught me how to respond to interviews and how to explain my final-year project in Japanese, which was helpful. 

Due to the impact of COVID-19, I conducted the entire job-hunting process online. Despite not being able to go to Japan, I was able to maintain my motivation to work in Japan because of my strong desire to do so. I didn’t really consider job hunting in Indonesia because I was so focused on working in Japan, so I worked even harder with FAST OFFER International to prepare and proceed with the job-hunting process. Thanks to their help, I was able to secure a job offer, which I am really happy about.

-Goals and message at the job offer company-  

I will be working as a web engineer at the company I received the job offer from. After joining the company, I want to work hard on the tasks in front of me. Although I currently have knowledge about backend work in web development, I do not have much knowledge or skills about frontend work. Therefore, I want to study front-end development in the future and become a professional web engineer who can handle a wide range of tasks. 

To those who are considering job hunting in Japan, I think it is natural to feel nervous, but if you overcome that tension and study and practice gradually, you will surely succeed. Good luck! 

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