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He is a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Ritsumeikan University. During his doctoral research, he worked on MEMS motion sensors that can measure multiple physical quantities simultaneously in order to increase the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing and repairing multiple sensor installations in engineering equipment. He has been living in Japan for 4 years and is a bright science professional with good communication skills in Japanese.

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National University of Sciences and Technology, Ritsumeikan University
Mechanical engineering
A leading Japanese manufacturer of transportation equipment, primarily motorcycles. In addition to boasting the world’s top market share in outboard motors and watercraft, the company also offers electric bicycles, electric scooters, industrial robots, generators, and other products.

The reasons why I came to be interested in Japan

My interest in Japan stemmed from my undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering at a top university in Pakistan. As part of my studies, I became familiar with Japanese technology, including automobiles and household equipment, which are highly acclaimed in Pakistan. I was impressed by their advanced technology and decided to pursue my master’s and doctor’s degrees in Japan. 

Studying in Japan

In 2018, I enrolled at Ritsumeiken University in Japan and have lived in Shiga prefecture for four years. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds has been the most valuable aspect of my time in Japan, despite the initial challenge of adjusting to the language barrier. However, I made good Japanese and international friends along the way, especially through university dormitory life. 

Although I only knew the word ‘Konnichiwa’ before coming to Japan, I started studying Japanese after I arrived. Although my master’s and doctor’s degree classes were in English, I gradually improved my Japanese ability through small conversations with my Japanese friends. After four years of studying Japanese, I was able to obtain JLPT N2 in July 2022. 

As a part-time job, I taught English to Japanese high school students through short-term programs that focused on daily conversations about different cultures and social issues in each country. Although some students had no proficiency in English, I enjoyed teaching and found the programs to be highly enjoyable. 

Job-hunting in Japan

When I first came to Japan, I wasn’t planning on working here. However, as I learned more about Japanese culture, people, and companies, my interest and motivation to work in Japan grew. As an engineer, I aim to contribute to the development of technology and engineering in Pakistan, and to make people’s lives easier. I found that many Japanese companies share similar goals and visions, which made me realize that working in Japan would be a great fit for me. 

In November 2022, I started preparing for job-hunting in Japan with FAST OFFER International, which provided a “fast” process that made things much easier. The Japanese job-hunting system is typically very lengthy and stressful, so I was grateful for the quick turnaround time. While preparing for the interviews, I practiced answering common questions such as my strengths, weaknesses, and motivation to work, and also prepared a brief explanation of my final year project using a PowerPoint presentation. I sought help from my supervisor for my final year project and friends for interview practice, and received meaningful advice from my mentor. 

Initially, I tended to respond to interview questions with lengthy sentences, but my mentor advised me to keep my answers more concise and tailored to Japanese companies. This guidance proved to be extremely helpful. 

Face-to-face Interviews Experience in Japan

In March 2023, I had the opportunity to attend face-to-face interviews in Japan. Despite feeling nervous before and during the interviews, I found the experience to be enjoyable overall. I had to prepare for four different companies, each with their unique strengths and characteristics. To prepare, I researched each company thoroughly and memorized answers to anticipated questions. Fortunately, I successfully cleared the initial interviews for all four companies, which meant I would proceed to the final interviews with each of them. At the time, I had mixed feelings, wondering whether to be happy or nervous. However, I had the final interview for my first preference company first and passed it, so I didn’t have to take the other final interviews later in the day. 

Overall, my interviews were pleasant, but the ones affiliated with my first preference company were more rigorous and demanding, with a superior level of technical knowledge. Nevertheless, I appreciated that they understood my research project deeply. I managed to get through the process and received an acceptance. 

In addition to the interview experience, I had good memories in Japan. I interacted with all the staff members of ASIA to JAPAN and students from various countries. The staff were supportive, and I learned a lot from them. I also enjoyed the farewell party. 

Goals at the Company and Message to Viewers 

I have three reasons why I dreamed of and chose to join this company. 

First, this company has intelligent management and is an established and prominent firm in Japan. Their business operations are diverse, and they are always looking to expand their horizons. 

Second, it is a global company with a sales department in Pakistan. The company’s products are widely used and well-known in Pakistan. I believe I would be able to oversee the project to expand the business in Pakistan and contribute to the long-term technological development of the country. 

Third, I have a deep interest in automobiles, particularly bikes and cars, which are the main products of this company. 

After joining this company, my first goal is to learn from my seniors. I believe that at the beginning of my career, studying the industry, company, products, and technical aspects is of utmost importance. After gaining a wealth of experiences, I aspire to become a manager and take the business to Pakistan. 

To those who want to work in Japan, I believe that two essential factors can lead to successful job-hunting. Firstly, it is crucial to plan and execute those plans correctly. In my case, I developed a career plan in August 2022 before embarking on my serious job search. I then prepared for interviews and searched for suitable companies based on this plan. Dividing your goal into smaller tasks and planning and executing those tasks is preferable. Secondly, self-analysis is crucial because people who successfully join their ideal companies in Japan have a logical, technical way of thinking and profound self-awareness. In addition, interviewers often ask about reasoning, so understanding your strengths and weaknesses through self-analysis is crucial. 

Regarding language, I believe everyone has a unique studying style. It is essential to identify a method that suits your learning style. For me, studying from a single book tends to become monotonous, so I use multiple sources, such as YouTube, audiobooks, and flashcards for kanji. Therefore, those who cannot stick to one material should try to use different sources and find the elements that interest them the most. 

I am rooting for all of you. Thank you. 

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