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A science student from Myanmar majoring in electronic communication, she addressed the problem of local parking space shortages and designed a carousel parking system in her graduate research. After graduating, she learned Java and Kotlin in programming school for about two years. She is a diligent person who studied Japanese for less than a year, but her Japanese language ability is equivalent to N2.

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Japan-based company engaged in worker dispatch and outsourcing of permanent employees for the manufacturing, design, development and construction sectors.

The reason I became interested in Japan 

Since I was a child, I have always been interested in machines that move automatically, such as rice cookers, cars, and fans. These machines are indispensable products that make our lives more convenient. Because of this interest in machines, I studied electronic communications at a technical university. I knew that Japan was developing these technologies to some extent, but during my university days, I didn’t know much about the country of Japan itself. 

The reason I became interested in working in Japan was because of meeting a programming teacher at a coding class. After graduating from university, I went to Yangon and attended a programming class. The teacher had lived in Japan for many years and had worked as a programmer at a bank for ten years. He was a very serious person and taught me programming in detail from the basics. In our conversations, he also taught me about his work experience in Japan, advanced technologies, and how Japanese people keep to their schedules and work diligently. After listening to his stories, I got a good impression of Japan. 

Although I graduated from university in November 2019, I could not find a job in my home country due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection and the coup d’état in Myanmar. On the other hand, Japan offers freedom, many employment opportunities for engineers, and many companies that provide guidance even for new employees who have no work experience. Japan also offers a relatively stable work environment even for older workers. Because of these attractive aspects, I decided to go and work in Japan. 

Since then, I have been studying Japanese every day and passed the Japanese NAT-TEST level 3 last year. Due to the political situation in my country, I was only able to study, but I admire the diligence of the Japanese people and have been focusing solely on studying Japanese with the goal of becoming like them. Although I have never been to Japan, everything around me is filled with things related to Japan, such as Japanese textbooks, books, music, and videos. I am planning to take the JLPT N2 test in July this year and am studying hard with that as my goal.  


Job Hunting Process 

I have been attending a Japanese language school since March 2022. The teacher at the language school recommended FASTOFFER International to me, and I registered with them. Previously, I didn’t have a good understanding of the job content of each company or the flow of the interview. However, FASTOFFER International has a mentor system and orientation sessions, which allowed me to deeply understand the company’s business content and characteristics. Especially, I was very grateful to my mentor. Although my mentor is an elderly person, he was very energetic and worked hard for me. He researched more about the company than I did, and I was able to confirm with him whether I understood the company correctly. I think I was able to get a job offer thanks to my mentor, and I’m grateful. 

However, looking back on the job-hunting process, the process was not easy. The company analysis, the language barrier in Japanese, and the interview preparation process were all difficult. Especially in the interview, I had to explain the content of my graduation thesis clearly and simply using specialized terms in Japanese, which was challenging. Since the literal translation of specialized terms often differed from the meaning of my project, it was necessary to research and prepare each one. However, I was able to work hard without giving up, even though it was tough, because it was the field of work I desired. 


Goals and Message at the Company 

At the company where I have been offered a job, I can work with various people at different companies rather than just staying at one company. Through this work, I think my communication skills will improve. There are also jobs related to my specialty, such as programming and electronic manufacturing. The training system is also excellent, and the support for new employees is very attractive. 

My vision for the company is to become a senior who can instruct my juniors in 5 years. Also, I want to become a professional in the field that suits me by trying various things in a broad experience environment. 

To those who are considering job-hunting in Japan, please continue to study hard to achieve your goals. The time will come when you can fulfill your dreams. Don’t give up and keep working hard! 

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