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He is a graduate of Visvesvaraya Technological University in India, who majored in Aeronautical Engineering. He had an internship at Tata Sikorsky Aerospace (TSAL) where he was assigned to the manufacturing engineering department for airplane parts and engines, where he inspected the quality of parts and documented the manufacturing process. His graduation project was “Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Wind Turbines for Electric Vehicle Charging Centers,” which aimed to supply charging infrastructure to keep up with the spread of electric vehicles. He experienced a series of processes from design to testing. He empathizes with the Japanese working culture, which values teamwork, and hopes to find employment in Japan.

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Visvesvaraya Technological University
Aeronautical Engineering
A Japanese major general electronics manufacturer offering a wide range of electrical products, including home appliances, heavy electric machinery, elevators, satellites, and turbine generators.

Interests in Japan Developed from Vlogs and Anime 

Somehow, I have been watching Vlogs about Japan on YouTube for a long time, and they have really captivated me. It was so fascinating to imagine living in Japan. Additionally, I grew up watching Japanese anime such as Fairy Tail, and Doraemon, which has made Japan feel close to me in a way. During that time, most people around me tend to study or work in Western countries, but I wanted to do something different. I considered Japan to be a good option. It was merely an imaginative idea, and at that time, I could not really imagine myself going to Japan. 

However, in January 2020, a company visited our college and offered a program, which allowed us to study Japanese and have interviews with Japanese companies at the end of the program. I thought to myself, “Perhaps this is fate. I’m going to give it a try.” That was the beginning. I participated in the Japanese class until the end of 2020. Japanese is difficult but interesting, and I had friends who were also interested in working in Japan. Now, two of them are working in the same company as me. Even after the class ended, we continued to study on our own, and that is when we came across Fast Offer International. We decided to apply for it. At that point, my dream, of working and living in Japan was becoming a goal, not a dream anymore. 


There Were Always Friends with Me 

The selection process for the company was difficult because I had to prepare for the interview while also working on N2. The situation was like traveling to a city for the exam, returning to my city for mentor sessions in ASIA to JAPAN, then traveling to another city for another exam, and finally coming back to my city for the interview. Each step was challenging, and doing both simultaneously was even harder. Fortunately, I was not alone. I had friends who were also preparing for job interviews, so we studied together. Specifically for Japanese, we used the same textbook, assigned different chapters to each person, and taught each other about the chapters we studied in Japanese as much as possible. We also frequently gathered to discuss certain topics in Japanese. This significantly improved my Japanese speaking skill and kept me motivated. We encouraged and supported each other. Now, two of my friends from this group are working in the same company as me, while others are working for different companies in various cities, which is cool. From the initial contact with the Japanese to the selection process for Japanese companies and living and working in Japan, I have always had and still have friends to talk to. Having friends in different cities has allowed me to travel a lot since I came to Japan. I am grateful to them. 


Life and Work in Japan: More Than Expected 

It has been almost 5 months since I have been in Japan. Three years ago, when I started learning Japanese, I never expected that I would come to Japan and live in this wonderful environment. I received an offer from a Japanese electrical manufacturing company through FAST OFFER International and I am currently working there. There is so much for me to learn, and my colleagues are incredibly kind and responsible. I feel grateful to be able to work in this company. I admire the work culture of this company and even the Japanese working culture in general. People are very respectful and reliable; they do their best to complete tasks without making excuses. Everyone interacts with me as if we are on the same level, even though some of them have over 20 years of experience in the company. They never flaunt their seniority when speaking to me and are willing to ask me questions, which makes it easy for me to communicate with them. I have monthly meetings with my mentor and kacho (manager), where I can discuss any concerns, I have regarding work or personal life. Additionally, I have regular meetings with the HR department, which is separate from my department, so if there is anything I feel uncomfortable discussing with my mentor or kacho, I can consult with them. The company genuinely cares for its employees. Frankly speaking, I have no complaints about the company. Everything has been going well. 

Furthermore, I discovered that, just like what I have seen in Japanese anime, we have a culture of cleaning the office in this company. It may seem like a small thing, but it is interesting to me. In our company, regardless of our positions, each of us is assigned a cleaning task, such as garbage collection or vacuuming the entire office. At the end of the year, we have Osoji (year-end cleaning) where employees from various levels and positions come together to thoroughly clean the office. They take it very seriously and prepare all the necessary clothes and materials for the task. It is a fascinating culture for me. 

Regarding daily life, it is also enjoyable. As I mentioned before, I have traveled a lot with my friends and visited friends in different cities. It is wonderful to have amazing Japanese colleagues and best friends from India. I never feel homesick or lonely thanks to them. One thing that I was particularly excited about in Japan was experiencing snow. In the region where I live, we have snow, but it is not that much. Last winter, we had heavy snowfall, and my friends and I played in the snow like children. We built snowmen, had snowball fights, and even lay down on the ground. It was so much fun; we forgot our ages and just played like little kids. People around us were thinking, “What are you guys doing?”, but it is a nice memory for me. Overall, I am wholeheartedly enjoying life in Japan. Coming to Japan and working here has been an absolute pleasure for me. I can learn, grow, have fun, experience diverse cultures, and much more. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given. 


Studying Japanese Hard is the Key 

If I were to give advice to my kouhai, I would say, please study Japanese diligently. Firstly, as someone coming to Japan, it is important to put effort into learning Japanese, having an enthusiastic attitude. If you want to get a job and live in Japan, aim for at least N3 level proficiency and do not give up learning kanji, and master the basics of grammar expressions thoroughly. Without a basic understanding of the Japanese language, even everyday conversations can be challenging. Once you arrive here, you will have to go through various procedures such as residence registration, which require proficiency in daily life in Japanese. While people are nice and kind, it is not always guaranteed that someone will be there to assist you. Having a solid grasp of Japanese fundamentals will ensure that you can handle everything smoothly and encounter fewer issues. That is the best advice I can give. Regarding IT (Information Technology) skills or work-related skills, your company will provide training and guide you from the basics. Therefore, improving your Japanese should be your top priority. Additionally, having friends to practice with would be beneficial too 



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