Anime Dreams to Academic Realities: Securing My Future with Japanese Companies


Computer science student at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Developed a mobile app that uses a machine learning method called Wide and Deep to suggest restaurants based on the user’s health and preferences. Bright and highly motivated to work in Japan.

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From Anime Aspirations to Educational Pursuits 

My fascination with Japan originated from my first exposure to Japanese culture through animation. Ghibli movies and animated creations drew me into the captivating world of animation production, storytelling, and the rich tapestry of Japanese traditions, landscapes, and cuisine. This immersion sparked my interest in studying abroad and experiencing work life in Japan, leading me to embark on the transformative journey known as the FAST OFFER program. 

While acknowledging the financial challenges of studying abroad during high school, I resolved to study Japanese. My goal was twofold – to understand the intricate plots of anime and make my journey in Japan more meaningful. To achieve this, I enrolled in a Japanese course provided by USM, laying the foundation for my linguistic endeavors. 


Unlocking Opportunities with FAST OFFER International

During Japanese classes, our teacher told us about “Japanese tutorial classes up to N3 level.” This opened the door to the FAST OFFER International program. Getting into that class and being under the FAST OFFER International program was a defining milestone in my journey to Japan. It changed everything. 

Immersing myself in these tutorial classes, I sensed a tangible improvement in my Japanese ability, giving me more and more confidence that I might be ready to turn my dream into reality. 

The interview process happened twice, in September and December 2023, each presenting unique challenges. Opting for a “cool down” strategy, I emphasized the significance of relaxation alongside meticulous preparation. On my first day in Japan, I rejuvenated myself by enjoying fireworks with friends, setting a positive tone for the interviews. While the first round yielded offers from two companies when nerves got the best of me during the second round, and I made an error that led to my failure. 

Come December, armed with what I learned from my prior setbacks, I attended interviews with four companies. This time, I intensified my preparation and did strategic homework which helped me get two job offers.  


Winning Strategies

Experiencing familiar “chills,” from the pressure, I decided to be more proactive to help me boost my confidence so I can keep my composure. To help me do better this time, I followed five key strategies that played a big part in my success:  

  1. Extensive reading of articles and blogs to understand companies’ backgrounds and challenges. 
  2. Learning from sample interview questions and answers through discussions with mentors. 
  3. Tailoring my strengths to align with each company’s values. 
  4. Opting for a demo site presentation of the FYP system instead of conventional slides. 
  5. Crafting insightful questions to engage the interviewer. 

These strategies bore fruit, helping me secure two job offers and giving me more opportunities to be exposed to a multicultural work environment. Another thing that helped me was how my colleagues also embraced their role as language teachers, contributing to the enhancement of my Japanese language skills. 


Exploring Corporate Japan and Embracing New Beginnings

I also visited the office of the company I received the job offer from. Executives treated us to Starbucks drinks, highlighting how they used their smart ring (a device created by the company) in daily life. This experience heightened my expectations for engaging in similar projects. 

I’m so excited to start my life in Japan soon. I’m so grateful to the staff and mentors who supported me to get to where I am now. Their advice and communication played a pivotal role in navigating the intricate landscape of interviews. I also feel so lucky about meeting fellow program participants. We were able to encourage each other, help improve each other’s Japanese, and overcome our anxiety together.  

This whole experience transformed me. The whole job-hunting journey was filled with challenges that pushed my personal growth. Armed with lessons from my first encounters and successes achieved through the FAST OFFER program, I’m confident I’m ready to proactively face new challenges and contribute meaningfully to the rich tapestry of Japanese business culture.

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