「We talked endlessly and exchanged our cultures, and after all, it became an unforgettable memory for me. 」

– 「I would like to be a pioneer in making a diverse working environment and creating comfortable working environments for everyone regardless of their backgrounds.」 –


A Japanese company dealing in medical equipment. The company offers a wide range of products and services in the fields of diagnostic imaging equipment such as MRI, and various treatment devices such as angiography and radiation therapy.

She is a science student at the Faculty of Biotechnology at Mahidol University, one of Thailand's top universities. In her junior year of college, she founded her own space biology club and introduced the idea of genetic modification of organisms suitable for future development and integration into medicine as a new solution to space ionizing radiation. She has won the first prize in the Mission Idea Contest and the second prize in the Unisex Global in Japan.


Mahidol University

What brought me to Japan?  

Since my family was a big fan of Japanese animation, I grew up watching anime every Sunday at home. It took only a short time before I got strongly interested in Japanese culture. 

   After I entered Mahidol University, I found various international programs, such as exchange programs with partner universities, including Japanese universities. I was very interested in joining them, so I participated in online exchange programs with Japanese universities, such as Kyoto University and Fukuoka Women’s University. Although it was held online due to Covid-19, I met many good Japanese friends. At first, I was a bit scared because I heard that Japanese people usually don’t speak English so much, but actually, they were fluent in English and actively attended the program. I learned Japanese and Japanese culture. Through attending a one-semester program with Fukuoka Women’s University students, I even learned the history of Hakata City. We talked endlessly and exchanged our cultures, and after all, it became an unforgettable memory for me. 

Through the programs, I found that Japanese society is an excellent place to live and work. From these experiences, I decided to spend my life in Japan in the future. 

Studying Japanese and connecting with FAST OFFER International 

I started to study Japanese in my second year at university using my free time, but it was more like a hobby at first, and it was not very neither consistent nor effective. 

When I joined a one-semester exchange program with Fukuoka Women’s University, however, I decided to put more time and effort into Japanese learning because I realized it was necessary to keep up with the discussions with friends and professors. Particularly, understanding honorifics was one of the most difficult parts of Japanese learning for me. 

   It was through a Facebook post that I discovered FAST OFFER International. Soon I registered and joined the Japanese classes offered by FAST OFFER International with students from all over the world. Experience in FAST OFFER Internal Japanese class significantly boosted my confidence. Even though my Japanese level was lower than other students, I tried speaking Japanese a lot, and I could feel the great improvement in my Japanese skill in the end.  

   For me, it was very hard to keep a balance between learning Japanese and studying at the university. Luckily, the Japanese classes were held in the evening, so I could join them after the classes. But I had a lot of assignments for my projects, and it took a lot of work for me to manage the time and workload. But still, since I really wanted to improve my Japanese, I continued to work hard in the Japanese class. 

Face-to-face interview experiences 

After completing my Japanese classes, I started the preparation for my interview with companies. One of the most enriching aspects of this process was the mentoring sessions. My mentor, currently employed as an engineer, happened to come from the same department as mine. Therefore, he possessed profound insights into the companies where I had interviews scheduled, as well as my final year project, even with its numerous technical intricacies. Not only did he provide me with technical guidance, but he also offered valuable advice on interview etiquette, including appropriate attire, communication style, and tone of voice. After each mock interview, he diligently reviewed my responses and provided corrections to enhance their quality. Thanks to these sessions, I became thoroughly prepared for the anticipated questions specific to each company’s interview format. 

Leading up to and throughout the interviews, I was very nervous. However, the staff at ASIA to JAPAN constantly provided support and guidance until the very last minute. Their collective encouragement helped me so much. Thanks to their assistance, I could join each interview with confidence. 

Goals at the company 

The company specializes in importing medical imaging devices like CT scans and MRIs. As a biomedical engineering major, I had the opportunity to learn extensively about these devices through university courses. Since I have aspirations of joining a medical committee in the future, the company’s focus aligns perfectly with my interests. I believe that my profound knowledge in this field will enable me to make valuable contributions to the company. To be successful in my career at the company, at the same time, I recognize the need to further enhance my proficiency in Japanese through dedicated study. 

   I heard that there are very few foreigners working there. So, my goal is to make good teamwork with both Japanese and non-Japanese employees, and I would like to be a pioneer in making a diverse working environment and creating comfortable working environments for everyone regardless of their backgrounds. Moreover, I also would like to make a good connection between the company and many doctors at hospitals to increase sales.  

To those who are interested in working in Japan, I can relate to your hesitation and the challenges of interacting with Japanese people. I was once a student who lacked the confidence to work in Japan. However, I always pushed myself to step out of my comfort zone, such as by studying Japanese. Therefore, if you have an interest in the Japanese language and aspire to work in Japan, I encourage you to embrace every opportunity and challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. 

I’m sure Japanese companies don’t evaluate you just by your fluency in Japanese. If you have a good attitude, skills, and most importantly, strong passion to work in Japan, they will highly evaluate you and your willingness.  

If you are prepared and open to opportunities, they will come to you at the perfect time. 

Thank you. 


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