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Fluent Japanese-speaking IT science student from India. She excels at programming in Python and is working on a sign language detection program utilizing image recognition and machine learning for her thesis research. Calm and passionate, she plans to build a career in data science, programming, and various other IT technologies.

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Japanese company engaged in the development, design, machining, assembly, and painting of hydraulic cylinders for forklifts and industrial vehicles, as well as welding and joining of forklift loads (lifting and lowering parts) and composite machining of undercarriage parts.

My Journey of Learning Japanese

I started learning Japanese because I was genuinely intrigued by the language. In 2018, I embarked on my Japanese language journey, enrolling in a 6-month course and earning a certificate from a government institute. Subsequently, I took a break for two years during my 11th and 12th years of school, which was further extended due to the COVID pandemic, spanning around two and a half years in total.   

During the pandemic, I researched a lot about Japanese culture and people. Once the pandemic subsided, I resumed my Japanese studies, starting with the N5 level. At first, I attempted self-study based on my previous knowledge from 2018, but I soon realized I needed more comprehensive guidance. Consequently, I enrolled in the Japanese class provided by ASIA to JAPAN, diligently working my way up to completing the N5, N4, and N3 levels. The most challenging part of learning Japanese, in the beginning, was grappling with kanji characters, but as I engaged in conversations with native Japanese speakers, I realized the importance of improving my conversational skills.  

My Motivation for Learning: Meeting Amazing Teachers 

The teachers I encountered throughout my journey were remarkably inspiring, instilling in me the motivation to master the language. Each class was a delightful experience, filled with enthusiasm and joy, creating an environment that extended beyond the confines of studying, encompassing a profound appreciation for Japan and its diverse culture. Without exception, every teacher became a significant source of inspiration. 
Initially, my fascination with Japanese culture grew during a brief university course, but it was in the Japanese class that my passion truly flourished, rapidly evolving into an all-encompassing pursuit.  


Experience of ASIA to JAPAN and Job Interview

The staff, particularly my mentor, provided unwavering support throughout my journey. He was always approachable and kind and readily addressed any questions or challenges I encountered. He never left me feeling helpless and even offered words of encouragement before job interviews. In my estimation, he was the best mentor I’ve ever had.  

Working alongside the ASIA to JAPAN team, I learned essential values such as dedication and punctuality, which I now endeavor to apply in my daily life. Engaging in conversations with my mentor and fellow team members also significantly improved my Japanese conversational skills.  

Initially, I anticipated the job interview to be challenging, but as I delved into the process, I found everything falling into place. Surprisingly, I began to enjoy the preparation. Each obstacle I encountered seemed to have a viable solution, enabling me to tackle them with confidence. Whenever I made a mistake, my mentors provided invaluable guidance, allowing me to correct and learn from them. While I did face various challenges, particularly in grammar and other aspects, my mentors diligently rectified them, and I steadily improved as I proceeded with the preparations. I invested substantial effort in researching all the projects I was involved in, ensuring I was well-prepared for every aspect.  

Since it was my first time attending a face-to-face interview, I experienced a degree of nervousness, but I successfully managed to handle it with poise.  


Visiting Japan for the First Time  

When I visited Japan for my interview, I found it to be a beautiful country with a strong sense of discipline. Even though I was there for only a week, I learned many new things from Japanese people. Everyday life in Japan was very different from what I was used to. I could sense that enthusiasm in every person living over there.  

Even within the short duration of a week, I absorbed invaluable life lessons from the locals’ enthusiasm and dedication. The most important lesson I learned is that discipline will take you somewhere while doing nothing brings you nowhere.   


My Career Goal 

Firstly, I want to work in Japan as long as possible. Secondly, I want to explore my potential and see what I can do. I want to be a part of a technology where some products are being made from scratch and benefit society.    

Messages for Parents, Friends, and People Looking for an Opportunity in Japan 

I would like to give the same message which I realized during my stay in Japan, that discipline will have some pain, but it will take you to the destination. If you don’t do anything, regret will also have some pain, but it leads nowhere. So, choose discipline. It will be hard, but it will take you somewhere.  

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my friends for their unwavering support throughout my journey. Additionally, I attribute my success to the blessings and encouragement bestowed upon me by my parents.  

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Computer Science
Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science
Savitribai Phule Pune University