A Tale of Persistence: How Cultural Fascination Led to Professional Opportunities in Japan


He specialized in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malaya in Malaysia. For his graduation research, he focused on carbon coating technology that can be applied to prosthetics. In addition to mechanical knowledge, he also possesses knowledge of physical and chemical properties. He has experience working as an intern, where he was involved in production technology at a factory. He is the type of person who not only relies on theoretical knowledge but also enjoys getting hands-on with the work. He has a wide scope of interest, ranging from design to production technology. He is interested in the disciplined work environment in Japan and have a cheerful and positive personality.

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Enamored by Japan for its culture and economic prowess inspired me to work there. 

Like a lot of people, my initial impressions of Japan first began with anime. Anime let me see Japan’s iconic traditions: from the cherry blossom viewing in spring, the fireworks festivals in summer, and other various festivals spread throughout the year. When my interest went beyond anime over time, I got to appreciate Japan further.  

I see now that Japan is an economic powerhouse, and its products, particularly electronics, are renowned worldwide. Everyone knows brands like Panasonic, Sharp, and Hitachi. Japan is also the world’s largest producer of semiconductors, a crucial element for electrical appliances, communication systems, transportation, and other IT products. Compared to my home country Malaysia, Japan’s manufacturing industry is more well-developed and thus offers promising prospects. My understanding of Japan’s tech industry promises I will be able to enhance my technical skills there. 

Moreover, Japan has many admirable customs I want to adopt, such as the diligent practice of waste separation for environmental protection and their well-known punctuality.  

My overall impression of Japan as a fantastic country with beautiful landscapes, advanced technology, and kind-hearted people cemented my desire to work there. 


My Japanese language journey led me to FAST OFFER International. 

When I started watching anime, I also began studying Japanese. I tried to memorize words and everyday conversation by listening to the characters’ lines and reading subtitles. Then, when I entered university, I took Japanese lessons and studied for an accumulated year: a semester each from my second and fourth years. It was during my fourth year that my Japanese teacher introduced me to FAST OFFER International. Hearing about the chance to go to Japan for an interview for free, I thought it would not be a bad idea to try it.  

However, because there was quite a long gap between my second and fourth years of studying Japanese, I had forgotten a lot of basic knowledge already. That is why I failed my first interview. Thankfully, FAST OFFER International helped me continue my journey by letting me join their Japanese business classes. The course deepened my understanding of Japanese intonation and business Japanese. I also had the opportunity to study with many international students, which was a fantastic experience as it allowed me to encounter different perspectives and outstanding qualities of others. After the class ended, I was even more motivated to continue actively studying Japanese by watching videos related to the language on YouTube.  


Job Hunting in Japan was full of challenges that FAST OFFER International helped me take on. 

When I failed my first interview, I wanted to advance my career, so I started working in Malaysia. I joined a small company and immediately got into work without any training. Nevertheless, I continued the job-hunting process, where I got a deeper understanding of Japanese companies. Around July, I tried my luck with several Japanese companies again, but unfortunately, I failed again. Feeling down, I realized my shortcomings and decided to set December as a deadline for my goal. That deadline made me more serious about job hunting in Japan. If I could find a job opportunity in Japan by the end of December, I would work in Japan. If I fail, I resolve to focus on my current job and deliver results.  

In September, I received interview notifications from companies. To get an offer, I made various preparations. First, I practiced explaining my graduation thesis in Japanese multiple times. I also thoroughly researched companies and their products. At the same time, I also received various support from my mentor. I had several mock interviews, and he helped me correct my self-introduction and how I answered questions. He also carefully wrote down every single question about the interview process and the questions the company would ask me. He also taught me how to talk about experiences that fit the image of the person the company was looking for. My mentor was extremely helpful.  

I had the final interview in Japan. On the day I arrived in Japan, there happened to be a fireworks festival, and I went to see it with the students who were also there for the interview. I was utterly amazed by the scale of the event. On the second day, I visited the ASIA to JAPAN company and saw the night view of Tokyo from there. Then on the third and fourth day, I had interviews. After the interviews, I received a message saying I had failed, but then two hours later, I suddenly received a message saying I had passed. I confirmed multiple times if it was true, and indeed, I had passed! My one week in Japan was an unbelievable dream-like experience.  


The road to improvement goes beyond the first success. 

As for my plans after that, I will work at the company in Malaysia until January. There, I want to study more and gain more work experience. In February and March, I will prepare to join the Japanese company in time to join in April. In the Japanese company, I will be involved in installing systems. I am glad that my experience in the current company is expected to be useful. Once I join the Japanese company, I want to learn how to use the equipment and grow to handle the work smoothly. I also want to deepen my understanding of the industry by observing the production line in the factory.  

Securing a job in Japan has made me more committed to mastering Japanese. I want to continue learning Japanese, improve my skills, and apply them in the future.  


Success is rooted in failure! Failing does not have to mean defeat. Keep striving for your goals until you achieve them. 

Looking back, I experienced many setbacks but that could not stop me from achieving my goal. Based on my experience, there are a few things I want to share with everyone that may help in their own journey.  

First, it is important to have achievable time-bound goals. Second, do not be afraid of failing. Failing is part of the process. Just make sure you find the reason for your failure so you can use that information to strategically put more essential preparation and effort. When you achieve your goal, of course, you will feel elated. However, if you do not achieve it, that is okay too. In that case, focus on the task at hand and produce results there. No matter what happens, do your best and trust that everything will be okay! 

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