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She is a female civil engineering graduate from West Yangon Technological University, Myanmar. She has 3 months of work experience as an estimation engineer in a local architectural firm and 1-year experience as a junior designer. For her graduation research, she designed and calculated a 3-story reinforced concrete building on her own. She was impressed by the rigorous on-site management of Japanese companies during her visit to Japan and would like to work as a construction engineer in Japan.

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West Yangon Technological University
Japanese company providing human resource services such as temporary staffing and outsourced contracting to manufacturing plants, mainly for major companies.

Interest in Japan  

 I majored in civil engineering at the West Yangon Technological University. While studying civil engineering and architecture at the university, I learned about Japanese advanced building technology, earthquake-proof technology, and strict safety management. In addition, a professor at the university who had studied in Japan talked to me about the building technology he had learned in Japan and how safe it is to live in Japan. The professor said that it is easy for women to live in. So, I became interested in Japan as a university student and began to study Japanese on my own when I was in my fifth year of university. However, after graduating from university, I quit studying Japanese because I was working in Myanmar, and I had forgotten most of the Japanese I had studied at that time. 


Work Experience in Myanmar 

 After I graduated from the university, I started working for two Myanmar construction companies, in the first job I did estimate calculations, and in the second job, I worked as a designer. 

   The reason I left the second company was that a construction project was canceled due to COVID-19. I also wanted to concentrate on studying Japanese because I wanted to work in Japan in the future. So, I quit my job in Myanmar and started attending Japanese language classes the AJMMC (Association of Japan Myanmar Mutual Communication- AJMMC) offered. I studied Japanese from morning to night at AJMMC and obtained JLPT N3 in 8 months. 


How did I learn about FAST OFFER International? 

 I learned about ASIA to JAPAN from my Japanese teacher at AJMMC. ASIA to JAPAN recruits Asian students who want to work in Japan, and the companies introduced by ASIA to JAPAN offer great salaries and opportunities. I knew I needed to do a lot of preparation and study, but I wanted to try it. So, I registered FAST OFFER International in June 2023 and was offered an interview at the end of that month. 

 The process went much faster than I had imagined, so preparing for the interview was difficult. It was especially difficult to explain my graduation thesis in Japanese. When translating my graduation thesis written in English into Japanese, it was difficult to translate the technical terms correctly. In addition to that, I was also required to briefly explain the project using PPT slides. I searched for the necessary photos to put on the slides and prepared a slide presentation of the project’s parts that I wanted to emphasize. Since I was a mid-career hire, I also needed to explain in Japanese what kind of work I was involved in in Myanmar. It was difficult to simply explain the work I had done in Japanese because work tasks differ between Japan and Myanmar. Furthermore, I was also scheduled to take the JLPT exam in early July and was busy preparing for the exam, so the period I prepared for both the exam and the interview was very tough. 

To get through such a difficult interview preparation, I took advantage of the mentor session. The mentor was kind and gave me a lot of advice, which was helpful. 

 After two interviews, I received a letter of offer. I was very relieved when I received the offer. I was also happy that my Myanmar friend who studied at AJMMC with me also got the offer, so we could work in Japan together. It was very reassuring to be able to consult with friends from Myanmar at that time when I was still getting used to working and living in Japan in Japanese. 


My future vision 

I am more interested in designing than working in the field. However, at the company where I have been offered a job, I will be able to work in the field first and learn a lot of things. To realize my dream of working as a designer in the future, I would like to learn at various workplaces through the company I have been offered a position at first, and then I would like to consider my future career. 

I think that the companies that ASIA to JAPAN introduced me to a lot of opportunities. Also, I could prepare a lot for the interview, such as introducing myself and compiling the final university thesis into a PPT. Through this process and the support from ASIA to JAPAN, you will improve your Japanese language skill and PPT skills, and I think it will be a chance to improve yourself too. I wish you the best of luck! 

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