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An Indian female student who can speak Japanese at a native level. After studying abroad at Okayama University for a year, she sympathizes with the Japanese way of thinking and working style and aims to work in Japan for a long time. As an intern at SG Analytics, she conducted a management analysis of a Japanese company by taking advantage of her ability to speak Japanese. After graduating in February 2021, she has been working as an assistant for Japanese interpretation and translation with the kindness of a professor in the Japanese language department of the university until Corona settles down. She is also interested in acquiring IT skills and is studying by herself.


Tilak Maharashtra University
Japanese Studies


I always wanted to do something different. So, I decided to do my bachelors in Japanese language. When I enrolled to the course, I just know what Japan is or how polite Japanese people are, but I didn’t have any idea what Japanese language is like. I searched about the language and found it very interesting. I have decided to push myself and started learning Japanese language. In some months, I fell in love with language and started exploring other things like Japanese movies, dramas, and songs. While completing my degree, I got a chance to visit Japan for research program. I went to Okayama university. within that one year, I literally fell in love with this country. The things I have been listening about Japan and Japanese people, I was experiencing it every day. It was just amazing!! And after experiencing Japan for like a year, I have made my mind to work in Japan!!

After coming back to India, I have started looking for jobs in Japan. However, during the COVID period, it was so difficult. But then I found a helping hand,” FAST OFFER International”. I have checked out their website and applied as an individual applicant. I got a call next week about procedures and things I have to do from my end. They have checked my Japanese level and communications skills on a call. The next task was preparing a PR video which would be sent to the companies. PR video was one of the most important things in the process as it was going to be my first impression of companies. After creating my profile with the PR video attached, I was assigned a mentor for the next rounds. I got selected by one company but couldn’t get placed there. However, my mentor and all other staff of FAST OFFER International were being so supportive and they couldn’t let me lose my confidence.

In the next month, I applied again and got selected by another company. I was so happy but equally nervous too!! I have discussed every little doubt with my mentor and taken care of the mistakes I have done last time. This time, I had to appear for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) Exam. Luckily, I have cleared that and moved further for the next rounds!! There were 2 more rounds for this company. With all the support of my mentor and the whole team of “FAST OFFER International”, I have cleared those 2 rounds and got placed in SUNTORY SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY. I would be joining the company on 1st April 2022.

I was so happy when I got an offer from SUNTORY SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY and still cannot express that feeling in words. I just want to thank the whole team of FAST OFFER International, my mentor for constant support and for solving my every doubt. It would have been so difficult without your support. I will definitely do my best in the future. I am really looking forward to meeting each and every one from the team “FAST OFFER International”. Thank you again for this wonderful experience and amazing opportunity!!

Starting a whole new life is surely going to be challenging and might be a little scary at the start but I always believe in 「やってみないとわからない」. So, I am all ready to accept this change and do my best in my life.
Thank you.


1. 年齢によって、助詞の省略についての意見が違うこと。
2. 場所、相手や場合によって、助詞の省略が違う。
3. 方言においても助詞の省略についての考えが違う。


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A student majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Indonesia, the top Indonesian university. In the graduation project, he conducted research on how changes in the position of the center of gravity affect the stability of automobiles and electric vehicles by repeating simulations using MATLAB. Interested in the manufacture and maintenance of automobiles and machinery. A serious and sincere student.


A Vietnamese student with an N3 degree from the University of Aizu, Faculty of Computer Science. The university graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the top science and engineering department in Vietnam. The research uses deep learning to evaluate the quality of screen content and VR images. He specializes in Python, Matlab, and C ++. Impressed by the diligent attitude like the Japanese. decided to work in Japan and aiming to join the company in April or October 2021.


An IT major student from India who is serious and ambitious. The Final Year Project is working as a team to develop a hearing aid that can remove background noise and amplify only human voice and important sounds using machine learning technology, mainly on the software side such as data processing. She loves coding and is good at application development and web development. As an engineer, she wants to grow while learning new things.


A female student studying business administration at the prestigious University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Experienced as an intern at Deloitte and Dentsu Shanghai. At Deloitte, she was in charge of research and analysis for the establishment of a joint venture between Honda and New Soft Research in China as an intern for half a year, and Dentsu conducted a consumer needs survey in the marketing planning department for three months. Has experience close to practice. Since she majored in Japanese during her undergraduate years, she speaks three languages; Japanese, Chinese, and English. Serious and positive personnel who can work on anything, once decided, till the end.