a Japanese manufacturer of fuel dispensers and other solutions to retail commercial fueling customers all around the world

After studying at Kuala Lumpur University, she transferred to Yamaguchi University and majored in electronic engineering. In my research, she used Arduino and C++ to develop a system to take measures before and after a typhoon. She has also participated in international robotics competitions.

What the company thought:The fact that she was a valuable student majoring in electrical engineering and fluent in Japanese as a domestic exchange student matched the requirements of the company. In addition, her mild-mannered personality was also highly regarded as a good fit within the company, and she was considered a candidate that everyone from the field to the board of directors would like to have.



Yamaguchi University
Electrical and Electronics


I am currently in my 4th year of Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Yamaguchi University. I’ve been learning Japanese for about 3 years at Malaysia and further my study at Japan through twinning program at my University. It is just been 1 year since I entered Japan and I think it is still not enough for me to gain life experience in Japan. Because of that, I decided to start my career life in Japan as soon as I graduate. Hence, I tried every chance that I had using university recommendation and applied by myself countless times, but I failed to get an offer. Until then, I found out about Asia to Japan organization that assists international students in finding job in Japan. I thought that this might be a great chance and hence I applied for it.

At first, I was given a briefing regarding the organization and then I was assigned to a mentor to guide me for the interview session. Before proceeding to interview, I had to go through matching and screening process where the staff will recommend my profile to companies and got chosen by the companies for the next step. The process only took around 1 week to 2 weeks. After that, I went through mentoring session twice to get me ready for the interview which took around one week. I was given sample questions which some of them differs by company. I got to prepare for the answers for couple of days before practice in front of my mentor. Along the practice session, the mentor will point out things that can need to be improved and so on. The interviews mainly focus on the research done in university and the rest was the basic questions asked in interview. Then, I was informed by the staff for the interview dates. In my case, I had to go through interviews from five companies which was scheduled in a week. It was quite packed but I thought it was the best to settle it as fast as I can. I got to second interviews for three companies and finally got a job offer from one of the company named Tatsuno. I was very surprised and delighted when I was informed that I got a job offer because for me, it was a very long and tiring journey in finding a job. I never stopped from applying for companies and failed many times since the last two months.

Through ASIA to JAPAN, I was guided carefully in order to excel in job interviews. The staffs were very helpful and friendly. They are very precise in organizing our schedule and the management was satisfying. I agree that ASIA to JAPAN really helped me a lot throughout the job hunting.In my opinion, it was worth it to apply under ASIA to JAPAN as I was able to got a job offer in just a month even though it was packed and tiring.


アディバ チン ビンティ アスマディ




2.1 資料読書


2.2 回路設計

EasyEDAのシミュレーターにより、図2.1のような回路を設計し、シミュレーションを行った。回路設計には、大事な部分はN555 タイマーとMOSFETトランジスタである。N555 タイマは波形を発生する発振器として働き、MOSFETトランジスタは電圧増幅器として働き、ピエゾに特別な共振周波数での電圧を共有する。

2.3 回路組立


IRFZ44 MOSFET トランジスタ – 1
インダクタ (220µH) – 1
抵抗 (10Ω)- 1
Variable Resistor (5kΩ) – 1
キャパシタ (100nF) (10nF)
N555 Timer – 1
Piezoelectric 113kHz – 15

2.4 試験と検討


2.5 プロトタイプ組立



図3.1 シミュレーション結果


表3.1 水噴霧の時間測定
布の状態 噴霧の時間 (min)
ピエゾの上 : –
ピエゾの下 : 3.35
折られない : 3.48
2つに折られる : 2.08
プロトタイプの中 : 12.58


電圧 [V] 電流 [A] 電力 [W] 電力 [kWh]
15 2 30 0.009
48 2 96 1.92





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