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She is a liberal arts woman who was born in Japan and immigrated to Thailand. She speaks native level Japanese. Majored in accounting at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. As an intern, she was engaged in checking financial statements and other documents at an auditing firm. Currently, she works in the assurance department of a major consulting firm, where she does all her work in English.

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My Half-Japanese-Thai Background and Why I Wanted to Work in Japan 

My mother is Japanese, and my father is Thai. I was born in Ibaraki Prefecture and soon after moved to Thailand for my father’s work. My parents gave me a bilingual education, using Thai outside the house and Japanese inside the house. Therefore, when I was a child, I spoke a mixture of Japanese and Thai, but now I can speak both Japanese and Thai as if they were my native languages. I also used to go back to Japan, where my grandparents live, once every few years. After several trips back to Japan, I began to compare Japan and Thailand. Japanese people are very disciplined and manage their schedules well. On the other hand, Thai people are more flexible, for better or worse. It is common for schedules to be off by 30 minutes. Considering these aspects, I thought that the Japanese way of working and thinking might be better suited for me. 

Based on the findings above, I originally wanted to work for a Japanese company right after graduation. However, to find a job in Japan, I had to go to Japan for an interview, which was difficult for me as I was attending a university in Thailand. At the time, I had no knowledge or know-how about job hunting in Japan and did not know where to start. Therefore, I did my job hunting in Thailand and found a job at an auditing firm called “Big 4” in Thailand. 

In my current job, I have been exposed to various work styles by visiting clients’ companies. I realized that the work environment of a Japanese company is the best fit for me. I was impressed by the fact that each document is divided into sections and managed in date order, that plans are drawn up from the preparation stage toward a certain goal, that anticipated events and problems are understood in advance, and that solutions are devised to achieve the goal. Learning how this kind of document management and planning leads to increased work efficiency strengthened my desire to work for a Japanese company.  

It was during this time that I came across ASIA to JAPAN, which provides job search assistance in Japan, and I immediately registered with FAST OFFER International. Also, as my family was thinking about moving to Japan after my father’s retirement, I decided to look for a job in Japan as a first step to moving the ground. I am half Japanese and half Thai and speak both languages fluently, but I was born and raised in Thailand, so I have yet to interact with Japanese people in a business setting in Japanese. Therefore, I wanted to challenge myself to see how far my Japanese language skills could be used practically in business in Japan. 

Finding a new job while working full time 

The job search through FAST OFFER International was smoother and easier than I expected. I didn’t even know how to write a resume in Japan, but ASIA to JAPAN prepared the resume for me based on the information I provided. The company selected me based on my resume, and it all happened very quickly. 

However, it was a bit difficult to change jobs while working full time. While at the audit firm I was handling the client’s company information, I was researching Japanese companies for my job search. This caused me to mix up information on various companies in my head, and I sometimes got confused. Also, I had to be in Japan within two weeks of the decision to interview, and since I was preparing for the interview mainly at night after leaving work, I had a lot of time constraints. 

Even under these circumstances, my mentor was able to practice interviews on weekends and early in the morning. Thanks to that, I was able to go into the real interview without panicking. 

 Face-to-face Interview Experience and Job Offers from Two Companies 

I came to Japan and had a face-to-face interview with a company representative. I was really nervous during the waiting time before the interview. However, I resolved my anxiety by thinking, “I came here to talk with the interviewer. I was able to relax, and my anxiety was gone by the time the interview view started. One thing I did not expect was that I was asked to take off my mask for the interview since it was not necessary to wear a mask in Japan at that time. I had never practiced interviews with my mask off before, so II don’t know if I was able to smile well during the actual interview. 

During the real interview, I was asked questions that I had prepared beforehand, so I was able to answer them with confidence. After the interview, I thought, “ I’ve done all I can do! 

However, I did not expect to receive job offers from both of the companies I interviewed with. On the contrary, I really had a hard time deciding which company to choose. It really is a luxurious problem. I was very grateful. 

 Reasons for choosing the company 

Of the two offers I received, I was attracted to the company I chose to join because of the position and the atmosphere of the company. 

The position at the company I joined was in Human Resources, and the position at the other company that I turned down the offer offered me the position as a finance staff. Since I am currently working for an auditing firm, it would have been best for me to work for the other company if I wanted to follow the same career path as I am currently following. However, I thought, “If I am going to work in Japan, let’s try a new thing!” so I decided to take on the challenge of working in human resources.  

The final deciding factor was the atmosphere and impression I received when I spoke with the interviewers. When it came time for me to imagine what it would be like to actually work, it was the company I was going to join that made me feel more relaxed and able to speak in my own way. 

However, both companies really treated me well, so I made my decision after much deliberation. 

Goals and Message 

At the company where I have been offered a position, I will be working in the Human Resources and General Affairs Department. Through this job, I would like to become a professional in human resource development so that foreigners like me can shine and play an active role in Japan. 

To those who want to work in Japan. Through ASIA to JAPAN, your dream of finding a job in Japan will surely come true. Please be confident in your job-hunting activities in Japan! 

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