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He majored in mechanical engineering at a university in South Korea. He is planning to conduct research on fracture mechanics for his graduation project. Due to his family’s influence, he became interested in Japan. He participated in a one-year exchange program at Osaka Prefecture University, specializing in mechanical engineering. He is highly proficient in the Japanese language at a native level. Also, he has a strong desire to utilize his technical skills for making a positive contribution to society.

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Countries & Regions
South Korea
Kumoh National University of Technology
Mechanical engineering
A manufacturer of industrial machinery, construction materials, steel pipes, and industrial diesel engines.

Interest in Japanese technology due to relatives with roots in Japan and my fascination with Japanese cars  

My grandmother was born in Japan and only came to live in Korea at 10 years old. Thus, her Japanese childhood found its way into her adult life. Growing up, whenever I visited my grandmother’s house, there would always be a lot of Japanese products like stationaries and sundries. The Japanese items I got to experience for myself always impressed me with their durability and easy-to-use design.  

My fascination with well-made Japanese products only got bigger from there. I grew up passionate about cars. I loved cars so much that I collected newspaper clippings to learn about various models. At first, I was interested in cool sports cars like Ferraris. But my passion for cars became more personal when my father switched to a Japanese car. Experiencing what a Japanese automobile was like firsthand opened my awareness of Japanese automobiles. With my interest sparked, I researched Japanese cars and discovered their superior durability, thoughtful design for passenger comfort, and efficient use of space in compact engine compartments. When I got to drive a Japanese car, I got to experience a distinct sense of security. 

My experience of Japan’s superior products–from my grandma’s house to their cars speeding down Korean roads–were the catalysts of my dream to be an engineer capable of creating impactful, well-designed products. There is no better place to fulfill that dream than in Japan.  

Fueling that further was a key childhood memory. During middle school, I had the opportunity to accompany my father on a business trip to Tokyo. Seeing the cityscape of Tokyo in person let me feel how safe Japanese society was. I was also struck by being constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery. That trip lit a fire in me that I would love to work in Japan one day. 


Working towards my dreams of working in Japan as early as 3rd year middle school 

I started working towards that dream as early as my 3rd year of middle school when I began studying Japanese. 

Fortunately, I was surrounded by many people with Japanese roots, such as my grandmother, relatives, and father, which provided me with an environment conducive to learning Japanese. My father, who had studied in Japan during his school days and currently uses Japanese in his work, was more than helpful. Whenever I encountered unfamiliar grammar or other difficulties, I would ask him for help and study with his guidance.  

Lucky for me, Kanji (traditional Chinese characters) is also used in Korea, and I have been studying Kanji through my family’s teachings since I was young. My background in Kanji made understanding the Japanese language and history easier for me.  

On my own, I enjoy watching Japanese dramas. One of my favorites is Solitary Gourmet, a show featuring scrumptious-looking food amid Japanese business scenes. Watching J-dramas like that show not only helped me learn the language but also fed my fascination and fueled my goal to eventually reach Japan. 

Thanks to the people around me and my efforts, I became highly proficient in Japanese by the time I was in high school. By my second year at the university, I obtained JLPT N1 certification.  

As for study recommendations, I found it helpful to imagine various situations during idle moments like commuting and create Japanese sentences in my mind. I constantly pondered questions like, “In this particular situation, I would say it like this in Korean, but how would I express it in Japanese?” I would think about how to answer those questions myself. Through this practice, I learned new Japanese vocabulary and familiarized myself with the language.  


Experience studying in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic  

In my first year of university, I went to Japan to deepen my understanding of the Japanese automotive industry by attending a car contest. That opportunity let me see various companies’ products firsthand. I was impressed by the high technological capabilities seen in the products, but more importantly, with the companies that emphasized nurturing their engineers. It was then that I decided to study abroad in Japan.  

During my second year of university, I joined the exchange program and studied abroad at a Japanese university for one year. However, just as I was about to embark on my study abroad journey, news of the spread of the novel coronavirus worldwide broke in early 2020. By early March, the atmosphere suggested that the Japanese government might soon close its borders. Thankfully, I entered Japan just in time.  

I was grateful I had made it to Japan, but the situation was challenging as I encountered difficulties specific to the pandemic. While I was able to live in Japan, all my classes in the first semester were conducted online. I also faced delays in shipping my belongings, travel restrictions, and not being able to have the part-time job experience I had hoped for.  

The constraints were significant, but at least by the second semester, there was a mix of in-person and online classes. I could go to the university every other week, which eased the situation.  

During the courses, I noticed that the teaching methods in engineering differed between Korea and Japan. In Korea, there is a greater emphasis on calculation-focused classes, whereas in Japan, there are more classes prioritizing concepts and theories. From this, I discerned that Japanese universities aim to start their students with a solid foundation in theories and concepts. 

I also got to engage in an exchange event with Japanese high school students, where we introduced each other’s culture. Since I had limited opportunities to interact with Japanese people due to the pandemic, those experiences remain fond memories.  


FAST OFFER International enabled personalized job hunting 

After completing my study abroad and aiming to find employment in Japan, I registered with ASIA to JAPAN’s FAST OFFER International in February 2023. Previously, I had used other job support websites, but I had to conduct my own company research and make applications, which was quite challenging. Also, while they provided essay editing services, I could not find an agent capable of introducing me to companies that suit my needs.  

A cut from my previous experiences, FAST OFFER International introduced me to companies that aligned with my strengths and interests. Not only that, but they also supported me throughout the process. Most of the companies they introduced to me were well-known and highly sought after by everyone. FAST OFFER International’s capacity to enable job hunting tailored to the applicant profile gave me such an advantage. 


Participation in a face-to-face interview event in March  

The process went smoothly, and I had the opportunity to participate in a face-to-face interview event in March 2023. I had interviews with four different companies there. With just a short amount of time, preparing for interviews with four different companies was challenging. My prior experience of preparing for interviews all on my own helped me to an extent but FAST OFFER International helped me go beyond. I got to practice interviews with their mentors, gaining valuable information about interview tips and commonly asked questions from there.  

Knowing that intimately understanding four companies with limited time might be too titanic of a task, I sought common ground between these companies to focus on: their environmental initiatives. In recent years, Japanese companies have prioritized their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which I could connect to. I also wanted to contribute to the environment. Instead of learning everything about these companies, I saved time by researching each company’s environmental actions and projects. 

I was genuinely delighted when I received an offer from my first-choice company. In fact, I had previously applied for an internship with that company on my own but had been unsuccessful. FAST OFFER International helped me receive a new opportunity and secured the job offer. I am profoundly grateful for that.  

During the interview event, the ASIA to JAPAN staff members encouraged me and provided continuous support, making me feel like I had a friend by my side. It left an impression on me. I also had the opportunity to interact with students from other countries, allowing me to learn interesting and positive aspects about their countries. Since we all shared the same dream of finding employment in Japan, it was also easier for us to become friends quickly. 


I want to create products that enrich people’s lives while also bettering the environment   

Although I do not know yet the specific department at the company I will be joining, I aspire to work in a research position. Our lives now have become inconvenient due to environmental issues, so I want to engage in product development that enriches people’s lives and positively impacts the environment.  

Furthermore, as I hope to work in Japan for a long time, I want to advance my career at the company I will be joining by gaining experience in the various departments. 

Even though right now, I am still busy writing my graduation thesis, I am already looking forward to graduating and getting a new suit I could use as a working professional. I also want to travel a lot before starting my job and improve my proficiency in using honorific speech in Japanese.  


Staff members supporting me right by my side motivated me to strive for success 

When I first started job hunting, I found that job hunting in Japan was wildly different from how other countries did it. The vague process made it difficult to know where to start. As a result, I sometimes lost motivation and found the job-hunting process challenging.  

That is why FAST OFFER International was revolutionary for my journey. They helped me find a sense of direction in my job hunting. The presence of staff members who supported me right by my side became a motivational factor that allowed me to exert more effort.  

I hope that through FAST OFFER International, everyone can realize their dream of living in Japan.  

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