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He is a double El Salvadoran/Japanese, raised in El Salvador and living in Lithuania, Spanish and English speaking mechatronics major. In his FYP, he built a system to control microscopes using LabVIEW. He also designed a gripper and created a 3D model. Interested in robotics and automation.

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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Manufacturer of system products and component products such as sensors and switches, field devices, and automatic control valves.

Memories of My Mother   

I was born to a Japanese mother and an El Salvadoran father.   

El Salvador is located at the southern tip of the North American continent and is a country rich in nature, about the size of Japan’s Shikoku Island. I spent my days in contact with three languages: English at school, Spanish with my friends and father, and Japanese with my mother. I still get a smile on my face when I think back on the interesting conversations I had with my mother. We would sometimes mix Spanish and Japanese and exchange trivial remarks while using completely different languages. When I think of Japanese food, my mother’s Mapo eggplant comes to my mind, which is a Japanese adaptation of a Sichuan dish called yu xiang qiedu (eggplant and minced meat stir-fried with fish flavor), which is a type of Chinese dish. It has been my favorite dish since I was little, and now I can make it myself. Japanese culture has crossed oceans and become a part of my life through my mother and grandmother.   

After graduating from an academy school, I decided to study in Lithuania, considering my field of interest and the cost. I have always been a mechanically inclined boy, and when I was a little boy, I was fascinated with building original machines and testing them out. Therefore, it was inevitable for me to major in the field of robotics, an industry that is expected to grow and in which I can make use of my interests. While at university, I participated as a foreign volunteer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and was able to witness firsthand the current state of Japan during the coronavirus period. However, finding a job in Japan was not realistic in my mind. I did not think I could meet the requirements of Japanese companies. I am sure that I would surprise myself if I said that I received a job offer just one month after registering with FAST OFFER.     


The Existence of FAST OFFER   

What I appreciated most about FAST OFFER’s service was the in-person interview events. This event is not held every month, but once every three months, so I was very lucky that the timing was just right. I was able to feel the warmth of the people and get a better sense of the atmosphere of the companies by meeting them in person, rather than through a screen. Since the interviews were held in Japan, I was able to experience Japan with my own eyes in addition to receiving a job offer. Another great advantage is that there is almost no cost for us to pay, including the cost of airfare. The next service I appreciated was the thorough training they provided for the Japanese-style interview. The interview questions are predetermined, and the ASIA to JAPAN staff will work with you to develop appropriate answers to each question. For example, I still remember how shocking it was to have to revise my graduation thesis presentation in the beginning. To improve my presentation, I did my best to explain and handle my weak points in kanji and my major in Japanese.   

Without FAST OFFER International’s support, I would not have been able to find a job at a Japanese company. 


To You Who Aim to Find a Job in Japan   

From my experience, I would like to say something to overseas students who are aiming for a job in Japan. That is to have confidence in yourself. I set the bar for Japanese companies higher than it was and lacked confidence in my abilities. Such a lack of confidence can lead to putting yourself under bad pressure. At times, it may even narrow your possibilities. Know where you are and keep moving forward with confidence rather than fear.   

I sincerely wish you success from the bottom of my heart! 

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