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A science woman from Myanmar who majored in electronic communication and graduated from university with top honors. In her graduation research, as a function attached to ETC, she assembled a program that reads the license plate of the car, processes the image, and compares it with the registration information. She has a gentle personality but also has a strong sense of responsibility.



Technological University Mawlamyine
Electronics and Telecommunication


Our young people have a desire for adventure. We want to use our abilities to become internationally active. Our youth dreams are to gather new experiences in the world, to try new things and realize new dreams. Among various people, some may get support from their parents, and some may not. Some may be able to realize their dreams, while others, unfortunately, cannot. But for those who hold on to their dreams and never let them go, there will be a chance to make them come true someday. I want to work in Japan because I want to become an excellent engineer in the future. In a foreign country, I would be able to challenge myself in a new environment, in a new culture, in a new country, in a new language, in a new environment, and with new experiences. In Japan, I would like to work with cutting-edge technology and, in my opinion, make products that will benefit people’s life. With this goal in mind, I studied Japanese, and the more I learned, the more I fell in love with this language. In particular, I became interested in the radicals and meanings of kanji characters and how they are written. I have been studying Japanese since graduation and have now passed the N2 level. During that time, I had several interviews but unfortunately did not pass them.
I had failed several interviews before, so I was depressed and wanted to give up. But I think it was a good chance that I found Asia to Japan. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. I think the reason why I did not pass the previous interviews was that I could not communicate my interview technique, motivation, and ability. From Asia to Japan, before the interview, there is a mentor section and an orientation section. The employees are very kind and provided information about the company, and they practice frequently asked questions many times with me. I think this is great support for those who have technical skills but don’t know how to answer or communicate in an interview.
I was invited for interviews by two companies. I was worried about whether I would be able to pass the interview this time as well. However, I was able to get through the interview because Mentor practiced with me before the interview. I would like to thank all the staff at Asia to Japan from the bottom of my heart. I would like to recommend young people register at Asia to Japan and work hard with Asia to Japan to make their dreams and future careers come true.


1.研究題名:Ardunio を利用したElectronic Toll Collection System (ETC:自動料金収受システム)
②料金所渋滞が大幅に減少されて、料金所通過時間の短縮もできて、利用者の利便性向上があるETC Systemの使用が広げたい。
③ICカード用ETC Systemの勉強に向け、Arduinoの設計や構造、PIC SensorやServo Motorの働き方勉強するためです。
従来の料金システムや自動料金収受システム(ETC)を比較して、自動的に車両のナンバーを記入できて、労働力の削減や期間限定割引ができるというETCシステムを選びました。ETCsystemは高速道路や有料道路の料金ゲートで手渡しで支払う必要がなく、自動的に料金を収受するシステムです。成分としては、カメラ、MATLAB PC、PIR Sensor, Arduino、microcontroller, Relay and Servo Motorを使いました。
①MATLAB用画像処理(image processing )の働き方を勉強しました。
②PIC用ETC,Raspberry Pi用ETC,Arduino用ETCを勉強して、PIC,Raspberry Pi,Arduino の働き方や長所、短所を勉強して、Arduino 用ETCは目的にも達成できるし、手続きは簡単でから、Arduino 用ETCを選びました。
処理(image processing)を使いました。Programming 言語としてはMATLAB を使いました。
④車両が来るかどうか、あらゆる、input があるかどうかをチェックするため、検知器(sensor)が必要です。
PIR Motion Sensorは2mから12mの間に動きを検出できて、時間としては0.3sから5minの間で調整できますので、検知器として使いました。
③自動的に車両ナンバーを記入するプロセスやPIR Sensor, Arduino microcontroller, Relay and Servo Motorを使い従来料金所と分けて、二つのシステムが使えます。
①MATLB用画像処理(image process)を学びました。
②画像処理は利用者にとって、料金所で設置された通信機と自動車に搭載した端末(車載器)で無線通信を行い、自動的に料金の支払いなどを 処理することです。とても効率がいいシステムです。
③ ETC専用ゲートを通行すれば、通行料金、通行時、カードナンバー、車両ナンバーなどの情報は路側のコンピュータシステムに記録され、許可される車両、許可されない車両とチェックできます。④ 車載器を搭載していない車でも、ETCカードがあれば係員に渡すことで通行料金を支払えます。
⑤ 今後、無料の高速道路が増加につれて、ETC Systemもなくなるかもしれないです。


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