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Specializes in mechanical engineering and mechatronics at the University of Pune, India. In his graduation research, under the title of “Design and Development of Automatic Cookers,” he is developing a cooker that allows people who cannot cook or who do not have time to cook delicious food in a short time. All one has to do is provide the necessary ingredients and quantity required for the selected dish and heat it with an induction cooker. He has four members and is in charge of hardware design. He is interested in Japan because he learned about Japan’s high technical capabilities, Japanese way of thinking about work, work environment, etc. from his uncle who has worked in Japan for 8 years using CATIA and SOLIDWORKS in 3D-CAD. He wishes to improve his skills by working in Japan, which has high technical skills.


Savitribai Phule Pune University


The Japanese journey of my life started on the 21st of January, 2020, and ever since there wasn’t a day I did not think the stuff in Japanese. I absolutely did not notice it becoming an integral part of my life. I started to dream – me living the Japanese life, rich in technology, filled with the essence of culture and discipline. Aiming to get settled in Japan someday soon, I persevered consistently without quitting at any point in time. In pursuit of learning the language, I kept escalating my level with even more compassion. The Covid pandemic period proved to be a blessing in disguise as I was able to dedicate plenty of time to my passion. I wasn’t an Anime fan until the January of 2021 when I watched my first Anime in Japanese. Down the line, I developed the craze for it and switched to drama, and movies as well. This helped me improve my spoken Japanese as I used to imitate the way it was being narrated. I gradually started getting interview calls from mid-2021. As all the interviews were in native Japanese, initially I was falling short of vocabulary, having difficulty in expressing my conviction, and making the counterpart understand what I wanted to convey. It was then that the mentor got introduced in the phase. I am utterly grateful to my mentor who took as many efforts as I took, to reach a considerable level of the language. He understood me, molded my thoughts, and got me ready for the interviews. Following long perseverance, I finally was handed an offer from a Japanese company in Japan, in February 2022. I just could not believe my dream came true and was on the ninth cloud. I could reap the fruits of all the efforts I had been taking a day in day out throughout these years. My heartfelt gratitude to the FAST OFFER International JAPAN team for providing this platform to me. The entire team of FAST OFFER International made this process so smooth and flawless. A special mention to my Gurus (the 先生方) who not only taught me the language but also imbibed in me the flavour of the Japanese culture. I wouldn’t have been in this position if it weren’t for them to back and support me continuously throughout my journey. Very elated, and can’t wait to start the next phase of my life in Japan. Kudos to everyone who has been a part of my success and made this possible!




ユーザがユーザーインターフェイス表示を使って、食べたい料理を選択するとすぐに調理が始まります。設計によると、原材料が入った色々な容器が輪になっており、ユーザが選んだ料理のアルゴリズムに従って容器が動きます。色々な料理について、使われる材料とその量が決められています。操作を実行するため、「Arduino Uno」と言うコントローラーを使っています。熱源として電磁調理器が使用されています。作り終わった後、トレーに入れて料理を食べてもらいます。



5.範囲と使用 :



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A student of Computer Science at the University of Indonesia. Learn Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Services. A student who is also studying Data Structure and Algorithms and is training to think analytically. He’s also interested in AI, so if he has the expected potential, I would recommend him to be hired. He is currently studying Japanese and it is expected that he will reach a level where he can communicate, by the time he joins the company. A calm-natured person.


My major is aviation engineering, but I am also interested in mechanical engineering classes. He is an intern and has experience in designing mechanical lines at SOLIDWORKS. His research is on the mechanical behavior of metal lattices with different topologies under quasi-static compression by laminated modeling, under the guidance of professors and doctors. He is cheerful and energetic, and has a strong desire to complete conversations and descriptions in Japanese.


Can communicate smoothly in Japanese. His bachelor's research in mechanical engineering is "90-degree bend water flow analysis". A project to analyze water flow with 90⁰ bend using CFD and to obtain pressure and velocity with various models.


A graduate from Malaysia who works for a Malaysian corporation of a Japanese general electric appliance manufacturer majoring in mechanical design at the Japanese business level. He’s involved in the operation of the ODM factory and is involved in the coordination of development plans using Japanese, English, and Chinese. In his graduation research, he used SolidWorks, ANSYS, and MATLAB to study the effects of the gradual convergence and divergence of the exhaust manifold on the backpressure of a two-wheeled vehicle. Having acquired JLPT Level 1 and still having work experience using Japanese, smooth communication in multiple languages ​​can be expected.