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Master’s program at India’s Pune University. Specializes in electronic and electronic communication. For the purpose of eradicating human error, he has developed a system that installs a sensor in the water supply tank and automatically supplies water when the number of waterfalls is below a certain amount. Interested in both software and hardware. He can communicate in Japanese without stress and has a good and sincere impression.

What the company thought:He was hired because his Japanese language skills, desire to work at Teraoka Seiko, and the fact that he had created an ordering system at university for a project matched our company’s business.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
Electronics and Telecommunication


First of all, I like to learn new things, and when I was a high school student, I read about Japan’s train in one of my subjects. After few years I saw Japanese documentaries, Japanese technology, animes etc. and I liked the Japanese culture.

I thought I want to learn Japanese and want to work in Japan.

When I was 3rd year Engineering student, in my college the FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) seminar was conducted, which me and my friends together decided to attend.

Then I joined the Japanese Language Program sponsored by ASIA to JAPAN.

The Japanese language study was very interesting and was really fun at the Japanese Language Program. I can’t really express the happiness in words because there is a lot to tell but I think this is a life changing point for me. All the teachers at the Japanese Language Program always encouraged and motivated me throughout the journey by several conversational practice, presentations, etc.

When I was just a JLPT N4 student, FAST OFFER Int’l me an opportunity to participate in interviews which included a free of cost visit to Japan as well as interview practice from basic level through mentor session and orientations.

Twice, I went to Japan and attended interviews but unfortunately, I failed in few companies’ interviews. After this failure all, my mentor from ASIA to JAPAN and teachers from the Japanese Language Program, took my interview practices, supported, motivated, and encouraged me. And fortunately, this time I got selected by Teraoka Seiko company. So, I believe the continue blessings of senseigata at the Japanese Language Program and the continued support from ASIA to JAPAN will always be with me hereafter and I am eagerly waiting to start my Journey in Japan.


Project 1.”Automatic water controlling and billing”
The purpose of this project to provide simplicity and security for water control system and also to reduce human efforts and time required for billing system. This project mainly deals with the accuracy and time management in water distribution. these is achieved by using advanced automation technology.The solution of project is the flow of water is checked with the help of the water flow sensor, the quantity is calculated in liters per hour and the same is further send to the cooperation unit for working out the billing amount @ Rs.3 per liter. My role in this project is to PCB DESIGNING , HARDWARE INTERFACING, PROJECT PLANNING and co-ordination. Technology used in this project is Aurduino, GSM and embedded C.

Project 2. “E-Menu Card “
Purpose of this project is to make your friendly electronic menu card with the help of networking and embedded system so that customer can place order.Objective of this project is to save time and to minimize human error in order taking make paper less hotel and more freedom and satisfaction to customer and My role in this project is to PCB DESIGNING , HARDWARE INTERFACING, PROJECT PLANNING and co-ordination. Technology used in this project is RFID and Embedded system. With the help of this system we can order transfer from any table by using pad and receipt of the same at the kitchen as well as billing counter.

Project 3.”Cell Phone Based Voting Machine”
The purpose of this project is to make a cell phone based voting machine by using we can vote simply in elections it is easy to transport,store and maintain it complitly rules out the chance of invalid votes. This project consists of microcontroller, PIC 18F4520,a DTMF decoder CM 8870,memory storage device EEPROM,DTMF is sent to microcontroller which is decoded by CM8870 and password is fed with the candidate number,the EEPROM is used to store the memory in case of power failure. This project is based in ‘c’ languege programming the software platform used in this project are keil micro vision 3 and MPLAB IDE. My role in this project is to PCB DESIGNING , HARDWARE INTERFACING, PROJECT PLANNING and co-ordination.Technology used in this project is GSM and DTMF Decoder. We get the solution,after the button is pressed,the analog signal is sent to the DTMF decoder. The converted digital signal is further sent to the microcontroller for display of the output on the LCD.


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