From Myanmar to Japan: A Professional Journey Inspired by Excellence


Hailing from Myanmar, she majored in electronics & communication and is fluent in Japanese. She is currently working for a Japanese telecommunications company in Myanmar and works with Japanese people. In her graduation research, she studied the analysis of data communication, and was responsible for the analysis of serial communication data.

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Technological University Hmawbi
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A Japanese company providing consulting, contracted development, packaged software, and maintenance services for information systems centered on production and logistics.

Embarking from Myanmar: My Interview Experience in Japan

The narrator’s interest in Japan’s professionalism began after being exposed to a Japanese section manager in Myanmar. This led to a passion for Japanese technology and work culture. After college, the narrator mastered the Japanese language, overcoming challenges like power outages. An unexpected recommendation led him to Japan, where he was rewarded with a job offer after translating a technical thesis. This story highlights the power of perseverance and encourages others to strive for success in Japan.


How did my journey begin?  

Since graduating, I’ve been with a Japanese firm in Myanmar, deeply influenced by a Japanese section manager who exemplified professionalism. This exposure to “reporting” and “punctuality” sparked my desire to experience Japan firsthand, not just for its breathtaking landscapes but to immerse myself in its cutting-edge technology. 


Mastering the Japanese Language: From Beginner to N2 Proficiency 

Fascinated by the Japanese language, I embarked on learning it post-college. Initially guided by friends, I advanced to self-study through online courses and Japanese YouTube videos as I reached the N4/N3 level. 

Balancing job responsibilities with language learning presented its challenges, including power outages during my night studies. Yet, these hurdles only fueled my determination, leading to my success in achieving N2. My journey continues as I aim for fluency to connect more deeply with the Japanese people. 


FAST OFFER International: Bridging Careers Between Continents 

An unexpected recommendation from my online Japanese teacher led me to FAST OFFER International (ASIA to JAPAN). Inspired by the CEO’s presentation at an information session, I seized the chance to pursue a career in Japan. The application process was rigorous, requiring the translation of my graduation thesis into Japanese—a task complicated by technical jargon. Nevertheless, my persistence paid off, culminating in an interview opportunity. 

With my mentor’s unwavering support, I diligently prepared my thesis presentation in Japanese, and after a resilient first attempt, success crowned my efforts on the second try. 


Translating Ambition into Success 

As I awaited my second interview, news of my classmatessuccesses reached me. While elated for them, a sense of urgency crept in. However, I quickly refocused, believing in the power of perseverance. To those facing hurdles or feeling impatient, remember: that steadfast efforts lead to natural success. I hope every aspiring job seeker aiming for Japan secures a rewarding offer, just as I did. Keep pushing forward, undeterred by the challenges ahead. 

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