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Majored in precision mechanical engineering at the University of Technology Malaysia. His graduate research was to improve the lapping of ball screw shafts using ultrasonic vibration. Experienced data analysis using AutoCAD, Trimble Real works, and KURAVES as an intern at Kumonos Corporation while in school. After graduating, he worked as an intern at a Japanese IT company to detect candidate sites for solar panel installation using AI and QGIS software, and machine learning for solar panel angle detection. After that, he worked as a production technology improvement engineer at the Malaysian subsidiary of a major Japanese electronic parts company.



Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Mechanical Engineering


After failing twice, finally I got an offer to work in Japan. Thank you to FAST OFFER International for giving me this golden opportunity. Before this, I got a scholarship to study in Japan and during the preparation program, I failed the exam in the very last semester. Next, after I finished my precision mechanical degree, I got offered to work in Japan through my University. However, due to COVID-19, I need to wait for a long period to go to Japan and eventually the company suffers a huge deficit. Since I cannot go to Japan twice, I felt hopeless and demoralized.

But, thanks to my friend too who suggested I use the fast offer. He encouraged me to apply as he knows how much I longing and love Japan. Yes, I very love Japan in the aspect of its traditional culture, technology, and philosophy. During my 2 month and a half internship in Osaka, I indulged in the beauty of Japan. I joined Bon Odori, and Hanabi Taikai, visit numerous museums and also learned the way of Japanese thinking during internship. These experiences make me way more eager to work in Japan someday.

To be honest, the FAST OFFER International staff and sensei supported me a lot. No words can describe how much I want to thank them. I applied to FAST OFFER International during my working time as a production engineer. It is very tiring to work in the morning until night as I need to do overtime and at the same time, do the assessment for an interview during the middle of the night. Even though I am busy working, the staff and sensei understand me. They helped me to re-organize and re-schedule to fit my suitable time.

As long you follow the instruction such as providing a 1-minute video, a summary of your research, why you want to work in Japan, a presentation slide, and so on. It should be fine. What the most important is PRACTICE! Later, the sensei will consult you. They also will point out which part you can improve. Me, as I did not know the technical terms in Japanese, the sensei helped me a lot. They helped me to find the suitable word and make the sentence easy to comprehend. FAST OFFER International also provides a Japanese class for an interview, which helps as you can also know how other candidates portrayed themselves during the interview. During the class, you can compare yourself with other candidates and improve the way you present later during the interview.

From FAST OFFER International, I got 4 job interviews and passed 1. At some stage, I failed the SPI test or technical interview. Please do a lot of practice with the SPI test to enhance your solving skill with limited time. As I applied for the fast offer during working, I did not have much time to practice and I learned the hard way by failing the first three interviews. Please also research the company you offered and give the very best during the interview. Of course, you can practice with the sensei first before the real interview.

Last but not least, thank you again Fast offer for providing this platform for all of us to work in Japan. They not only provide, but they also guide you on how to excel in interviews. All of the processes are tiring and it is okay to feel demoralized but do not let that emotion take you anywhere. Take some time to heal, step back for self-reflection and leap forward higher just like the slingshot.






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A student of COEP’s Department of Materials Engineering and Minor of Information Engineering, which is the top college of Pune University. In his graduation research, he plans to study materials for electromagnetic shields. In the three-year project, he conducted research on corrosion control of machines and airplanes used in the aerospace industry. During the internship, as a material engineer, he experienced testing materials used for motorcycles and working as a mathematical model of magnesium for automobiles. In addition, he is also interested in finance and programming and has various knowledge. He’s one who can communicate calmly.

Master’s program at India’s Pune University. Specializes in electronic and electronic communication. For the purpose of eradicating human error, he has developed a system that installs a sensor in the water supply tank and automatically supplies water when the number of waterfalls is below a certain amount. Interested in both software and hardware. He can communicate in Japanese without stress and has a good and sincere impression.

My major is aviation engineering, but I am also interested in mechanical engineering classes. He is an intern and has experience in designing mechanical lines at SOLIDWORKS. His research is on the mechanical behavior of metal lattices with different topologies under quasi-static compression by laminated modeling, under the guidance of professors and doctors. He is cheerful and energetic, and has a strong desire to complete conversations and descriptions in Japanese.

I am researching “extending the life of an electric vehicle battery control system”. I feel that my hard-working personality and the working culture of Japanese people who produce results as a team rather than individuals are more suited to me than those in my home country, and I strongly hope to work in Japan, so I have been studying for a year and a half. Acquire Japanese ability at the level of daily conversation.